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Rinsers & Rollers Drum & Bass (1996-1997) 27-04-24

Everyone knows that I love Drum & Bass. Especially the kind released near the year 2000. That's when I really got into Drum & Bass and Jungle, and I've spent a lot of Dutch Guilders and Euros at my local record store, which is called Satisfaction Records (in Heerlen, Limburg). They were always pleased to see me, as I've spent most of my money on CDs. The size of my collection was impressive, but if I compare the ratio, Drum & Bass was roughly the fifth biggest genre in my collection. And over the years, due to Soundcloud, I have expanded my collection digitally, and I'm happy to say that I've added one recently, which was only uploaded 11 days ago.

Craig Scott, the man behind the successful mix series ''Hardcore Breakz'' has uploaded a mix dedicated to Drum & Bass. He has surprised me a lot over the years with his mixes, and his latest Drum & Bass mix is yet another big one he has made. It's a mix that reminds him of the mid to late 90s, when these tunes would have been played at major events, such as Helter Skelter, World Dance, Dreamscape, and more. Unfortunately I wasn't there to hear these being played out loud, and what I would do to just experience it once...

That must have been an amazing time to be alive, and able to rave to these tunes, played by the finest DJs in the game. Now I might have not been around in the UK back in the 90s, but I do know a thing or two when it comes to Drum & Bass. And just by looking at this tracklist, I'm drooling like Homer J. Simpson. And I know I've got a daunting task ahead: typing the whole bloody thing.

So, please do me a favour: look and read the tracklist. I have not done this for nothing!! Thanks.

  1. Natural Born Chillers - Rock The Funky Beat

  2. DJ Red - Mad PLO

  3. Andy C - Night Flight (Shimon Mix)

  4. Aladdin - Woman That Rolls

  5. Splash Collective - Rebels (Remix)

  6. Concept 2 - Cause n Effect

  7. Scorpio - Li Li

  8. Shapeshifter - Talkin Mad Shit

  9. City Connection - Impact

  10. 2Vibe & EPS - Hype The Funk

  11. Afro Kid - Shooks

  12. IQ Collective - Mode One

  13. Shy FX - The Message

  14. Voltage - How It Should Be Done

  15. Aphrodite - Style From The Darkside

  16. Substance - Damn Right

  17. Fugees - Ready Or Not (Zinc Mix)

  18. Easy D - Gimme Gimme

  19. Freestyles - Play The Game

  20. Congo Natty - Junglist

  21. DJ Krust - Angles

  22. Mobb Deep - Shooks One (Zinc Mix)

  23. Andy C - Roll On

  24. Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter

  25. Aphrodite - Stalker

  26. DJ Hype - Peace, Love & Unity (Remix)

  27. DJ Red - The Visit

  28. DJ Hype - True Playaz Anthem

  29. Busta Rhymes - Woo Haa (Origin Unknown Mix)

  30. Shy FX - This Style

  31. The Dream Team - Raw Dogs

  32. Barcode - New Dance

  33. DJ Hybrid - Underground Style

  34. King Of The Rollers - Original Bad Boy

  35. Dead Dred - Dred Bass (Bladerunner Mix)

  36. Q Project - Champion Sound (Total Science Mix)

  37. My Selecta - Get Up

  38. DJ Hybrid - Stand Up (VIP Mix)

  39. DJ Hybrid - It's Serious

  40. Dopeskillz - 6 Million Ways (Mix 2)

  41. DJ Hybrid - Lost In The Jungle

  42. Egyption Empire - The Horn Track (Blade Mix)

  43. Aphrodite - Shine

  44. Noise Factory - The Fire (Part 2)

This brings back a lot of memories. So many memories. Sadly none of them involve a UK party, as I wasn't living in the UK or working here, and I was also too young to go to them. Now I'm older, fatter, and slightly wiser, and I still haven't been to a proper Drum & Bass event. That's a shameful thing to mention, right?

Normally I would not sit down for a 2 hour long mix, but with Craig, I know I will be satisfied throughout (that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean), and 2 hours will fly by. It has, and I'm now listening to this mix for the second time. It's that good, and the selection is really amazing. A few unknown ones to me (but maybe not to you), but the majority are well known classics. But leave that up to Craig Scott, he always delivers.

Excellent. Another excellent mix with insane records. This is the style of Drum & Bass that caught my attention, and made me fall in love with it. And it stood the test of time. 2024, and we are still playing these songs, listening to them, loving them like never before. The tracks might be loaded with memories, but that's what makes them special, right?

I cannot pick one record, there's just too damn many. Just check out this mix and choose your own. Enjoy it as much as I have.

DJ: Craig Scott

Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle

Mix Info: Rinsers & Rollers Drum & Bass (1996-1997) 27-04-24

Length Mix: 02:04:12

Tracks: 44 (fourty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024

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