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Rob IYF - Lock-In Restival 2020

I've been on social media a lot lately due to COVID-19, and I can say that I've seen at least 95% of all the videos on Youtube, liked thousands of posts, seen the most ridiculous videos and Instagram posts, but somehow I've completely missed this event called 'Lock-In Restival'. How's that even freaking possible? How come I've not seen one post of it? Stupid Facebook algorithm.

OK, I've missed this event completely, but thankfully Rob IYF has uploaded his hour long set recorded especially for this event. Social distancing is important, so to still get us all raving, this virtual rave was created. And Rob's set is filled with Hardstyle anthems. I wasn't expecting that at all, if I'm honest. I was expecting a full on UK Hardcore mix. Have we lost Rob? Is he fully focussed on Hardstyle now?

I know I can be a dopey twat, but The Watchmen: isn't that Al Storm and Rob IYF, right?

Anyway, here's the tracklist. I normally start ranting on about literally nothing, so let's just dive straight into the tracklist, before madness takes over:

01. The Watchmen - HGHR LV

02. The Watchmen vs Nobody - King Of My Castle

03. N-Trance - Set You Free (The Watchmen vs Slay Remix)

04. Sound Rush - Rhythm Of The Night

05. Sash! - Ecuador (Macks Wolf Edit)

06. SOTA - We Got That

07. Black & White feat Angie Brown - Get Your Hands Up (The Watchmen 170 Remix)

08. Rob IYF - Heaven

09. Evolve feat Lisa Abbott - Forever Together (Rob IYF Remix)

10. Atmosfearz & Demi Kanon - Move Ma Body (Rob IYF Bootleg)

11. Rob IYF & Monster - Turn Back The Time

12. Bang! vs Rob IYF & Al Storm - Love, Life & Happiness

13. Rob IYF - Fast Car

14. The Watchmen vs Klubfiller - Bang Yer Head Off

15. Dither - Detonate

16. Fitzy-K - Final Call (The Watchmen 180 Remix)

17. S3RL - MTC (The Watchmen Remix)

18. The Watchmen - Boom Boom Boom

19. Dither - The Prophecy

20. Al Storm - Surrender (The Watchmen Remix)

Well, I said earlier that we might have lost Rob IYF to Hardstyle, but that might not be entirely true. This mix still contains UK Hardcore inspired anthems and sounds. But with a 2020 twist. Why not have a bit of both worlds?

I do like it though. A lot of Watchmen stuff in here. And the one thing I've noticed is that they do like to re-make the classics, like 'Heaven, 'Ecuador', 'Set You Free', 'Boom Boom Boom', and more. It's a common thing now, isn't it? Get the classics back in our minds again. Keep us raving with the old records being remade for 2020. Sounds good.

Even though nearly 90% of the records were made by The Watchmen, the one records I really love, is Sound Rush's 'Rhythm Of The Night'. That's just an epic record. Really one that keeps me going. Good choice in any mix, to have this record. The crowds will loose themselves fully. Following this record I've selected 'Final Call' as second best record. I do find the vocals absolutely amazing!

I've really enjoyed this set. A bit of everything in here. Hardstyle? Check. UK Hardcore? Check. Gabber? Check. Maybe a bit unusual, to have literally everything crammed and not in order (slower tracks first, ending with harder anthems), but it's lockdown. Why not fuck things up?

I've tried to download this mix, but the website wasn't working sadly. You might try it later, see if it works.


Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Gabber, Hardstyle, Bounce

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Lock-In Restival 2020

Length Liveset: 00:59:54

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown More Information: Rob IYF - Soundcloud Page

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