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Bloody Nora, how come I've only found out that Panic organised another amazing looking 'Start The Pan!c' last September? WTF Soundcloud and Facebook, why didn't you update me on time? I might have gone. Might. Maybe in 2020 I go to this event, always wanted to go to Panic's own event. The line-up always looked extremely interesting. For last year's edition he played alongside Dazzler, OCD, The Viper, Ruffneck, and the MC of the night was TMC. So a short but good selection. And to show tribute to one of the coolest DJs in the scene he made this hour long promo mix, with only Ruffneck records in the mix. That, ladies and gentlemen, is just porn. Who needs Pornhub when you've got this mix? Get the tissues ready.

Both DJs are legends, but Ruffneck has got a bigger status in the underground scene. He's done so much for the darker sounding Hardcore scene, and the back catalogue of this man is immense. I find it still impressive to hear anthems in 2020, which sound completely timeless. But let's not underrate DJ Panic. He's also a legend, with tons of excellent tunes under his belt. But this promo mix is focussed on DJ Ruffneck, so let's talk about the tracks Panic has selected for this mix.

I always hear new music, every single day. And I thought I knew everything Ruffneck related. Panic made sure that I was put back into my place. I do not know everything. Panic's record collection must be impressive.

So which records have been selected for this promo mix? Let me warn you: tickets cannot be bought anymore for this event. Before numpties try to get some. You (and I) are too damn late.

01. Juggernaut - The World Of The LSD User

02. Undercover Anarchist - Amman

03. Wedlock - Bass For Yer Face

04. Wedlock - One Day

05. Undercover Anarchist - Yo Te Quirro

06. Diss Reaction - DJ Lan

07. Undercover Anarchist - Work It To The Bone

08. Juggernaut - XTC Motherfuck

09. Lockjaw - Deep In The Underground

10. Lockjaw - Underground Funk

11. Vanugenth The 5th - Here We Go Again

12. Ectomoroph - Heartbeat

13. Wedlock - Terradome

14. Diss Reaction - Jiieehhaaaa

15. Lockjaw - Reactor

16. Wedlock - I'm The Fuck You Man

17. Predator - Mind Of A Lunatic

18. Knightvision - Knight Of Visions

19. Phoenix - Now Who's In Control

20. Lockjaw - Ruff 'n' Ruggin

21. Wedlock vs Predator - Roots And Culture

22. Wedlock - Acid Rain

23. Lunalotic - Happyhouse

24. Trickster - Whiteline

25. Myrmidion - No Choice

26. Knightvision - Who Is It?

27. Ectomorph - Mindblower

28. Juggernaut - Ruffneck Rules Da Artcore Scene

After listening to this mix it does appear to have a few obscure underground anthems in here, which I've never came across before, but it made me smile: there weren't that many. So I'm still on top of everything Ruffneck related. Still missed this awesome event. And I call myself a raver? I'm a shaver (shamed raver). That sounds wrong, fuck.

Panic knows how to please the fanatics, and with this mix he not only shows his skills behind the decks, but also his impressive ability to catch everyone's attention. Ruffneck does not need an introduction, he's an all round legendary producer and DJ. But it's nice to see and hear tribute mixes, made by other legendary acts.

The true Hardcore fan who has been following the scene since the early 90s has to agree with the following statement: Ruffneck has made more anthems than anyone else. His impact in the scene has been tremendous, and the hype surrounding the sound still lives on. We are now in 2020, nearly 30 years after Hardcore emerged, and I'm still a happy Hardcore lover. I do fully underline other great producers, but Ruffneck has to be number 1. Or at least in the top 5 of all time great producers.

A wonderful mix. Not sure if the tracklist is a 100% accurate. But yeah, it does not take away the fact that this mix is dope as fuck. Best record? Starting around the 7:40 mark. I forgot the title, but it's an epic tune.

DJ Panic's awesome mix is a great one, if you love Hardcore. If you don't, do one. Go away and hide away from us. Only true Hardcore fanatics are allowed to listen to this. And open minded people. Panic and Ruffneck, a golden duo. Thanks both for making my Saturday even better! Hardcore 24/7.

Oh, it's also nice to end the mix with Ruffneck's most commercially successful record of all time. Slated, yes, but still a feel good song.

DJ: Panic

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Artcore, Hardcore

Mix Info: Ruffneck Records Tribute Mix

Length Mix: 01:07:57

Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown More Information: DJ Panic - Soundcloud Page

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