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SAIFAM Speciale - Edizione 2008 (09.08.2020)

Italians know how to make great Hardstyle music. And nothing can compare to the music released around 2008. It's a different sound compared to what is being made nowadays, but it's always good to go back in time, and there's no other place than Soundcloud to find mixes that take you back in time. Today's mix is made by Audioholik, who has made excellent mixes before, and now he goes back to 2008 with this SAIFAM Speciale mix. I might be a bit of a div, but I've never come across the name SAIFAM. To be fair, I never read any booklets found in CDs, or read anything other than the tracklist. Boring twat, I know.

But because of my negligence I am not aware of the name of this label. Or maybe I have, but simply forgotten about due to me becoming older by the day. It happens to most of us, but I keep forgetting stuff. It's kind of sad, but OK for me. But even though the name doesn't ring a bell, the tracks do ring a bell.

Knowing Audioholik a tiny bit, he plays very melodic music. And this mix isn't an exception: a very melodic sounding mix. With the finest classic Hardstyle anthems from labels such as BLQ, Dance Pollution, Green Force, Red Alert & Titanic Records, and more. And once you have a look at the tracklist you will know these tracks immediately. And you will immediately want to thank Audioholik for composing this mix.

Let's delve straight in, shall we?

  1. Dark Oscillators - Trapped (Scantinato Mix)

  2. Citizen - People Won't Like This (The KGB's Remix)

  3. Bruno Power - Shotty Snipers

  4. Ivan Carsten - Unexpected (Tuneboy Remix)

  5. The Hose - I Survived

  6. Bruno Power meets Dark Oscillators - The Box

  7. Technoboy - Next Dimensional World

  8. The Hose - Piano Song (Alla Vecchia Mix)

  9. Builder - My Life Is Just A Demo (Dub Mix)

  10. 2 Best Enemies - Phases (TBY Romantic Mix)

  11. Star Creatorz - Killzone (Hunter Remix)

  12. Bruno Power meets Dark Oscillators - Research Future

  13. DJ Gius - Nerve (Tarocco Mix)

Wow. Some of these records I've not heard in years! Can't believe that these are from around 2008, 13 years old! Where has the time gone to, and why has the sound changed so much? And why are we calling this classic Hardstyle already? I don't mind the present day Hardstyle, but sometimes it's good to go back in time, to hear what was played during my raving days. Fuck me man, I miss this sound, and so does Audioholik.

Audioholik, can we have more mixes like this one? Just taking me back in time is glorious. I've already been to a spa earlier today and been cleansed completely, and now this? What a feeling! It's like I'm reborn again. But sadly I have to acknowledge that the sound won't return, or maybe sporadically.

Not just the Italians knew how to make excellent Hardstyle music, but they were truly masters of it. It had this distinctive sound. So unique and so characteristic to the Italians. Some have stood the test of time well, and are played in many mixes, like 'Phases' by 2 Best Enemies, remixed by TBY in a romantic way. But my favourite has to be 'Trapped', remixed by Scantinato. Big ass song, and a good representation of what you are going to hear in this 61 minute long mix.

Another wicked mix by Audioholik. More of these please! The Millennium Hardstyle sound is just so damn good, underrated, and should never be forgotten about!

DJ: Audioholik

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Classic Hardstyle

Mix Info: SAIFAM Speciale - Edizione 2008 (09.08.2020)

Length Mix: 01:01:29

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 151,5 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz

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