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Saturday Seshions 'Next Generation Vs Blatant Beats 2' - HDSN (2024)

Sunday. A day to relax. But most of you lot won't be relaxing, you will probably be watching a football match, as it's on TV right now. I'm not one of those people who enjoys a game, I'd much rather do a million other things, and one of them is reviewing a mix. Hence why you are now reading this review, even though my own country is playing a game. But I'd much rather listen to this mix, as the focus of this mix is on one of the greatest UK Hardcore labels out there. Well, two of the greatest labels: Blatant Beats and Next Generation Records. You might have heard of them?

It's yet another smashing mix by the people who run the History Of Happy Hardcore account on Soundcloud. It was live recorded on Twitch only a few days ago, and if you are familiar with their mixes, you know they are ridiculously long. This one is 5 hours and 49 minutes long! Long as hell, but worth it. We all love both labels, and we are always eager to hear more. This mix is an appreciation mix, and has got so many anthems in it. Some would say too many, but I wouldn't agree.

They've done this before, and this mix can also be found on Soundcloud. If you are curious, you can check it out on Soundcloud. But maybe focus on their latest mix first, as it's a glorious one. And it makes me wonder what has happened to the label. So much potential, so much was released over the years. Their records became instant classics. And now it's not here anymore. 7 years ago was the last album release, and 13 years ago their last single release.

It is a shame, because this was one of the coolest labels out there. Do you agree or disagree?

Let me show you what's in store:

  1. Fade & Dair - Burnin' NRG

  2. Fade - Start The Party

  3. Brisk & Fade feat Kelly - New Sensation

  4. Brisk & Fade - Radio Rockin'

  5. Double Dutch - Here Comes The noise

  6. Fade & Menis - Guardcore

  7. Fade - Fly With you

  8. Brisk & Fade - Stay Here Forever

  9. Double Dutch - Droptop

  10. Brisk & Ham - Taste The Rainbow

  11. DJ Ham - Pay Attention

  12. Frisky & Hujib - Partycrasher

  13. Frisky & Hujib - Ruff Rugged & Raw

  14. Brisk & Vagabond feat DMO - In Control

  15. Vagabond - Wilde Style

  16. Euphoria feat MC Wotsee - Echo Of Heaven

  17. Euphoria - Future Is Now

  18. Vagabond - Enter Heaven

  19. Euphoria feat MC Casper - Forbidden Fruit

  20. Vagabond feat MC Wotsee - Axis Mundi

  21. Euphoria feat MC Casper - Eternal Summer

  22. Brisk & Vagabond - The Time Has Come

  23. Vagabond feat Tais - Dance For Me

  24. Vagabond - World Of Unknown

  25. Euphoria - Eternal Heights

  26. Double Dutch - Turn Out The Light

  27. Brisk & Vagabond - Innocent

  28. Human Resource - Dominator (Brisk & Ham Remix)

  29. DJ Ham - Dancefloor Is Open

  30. DJ Ham - Screams Your Heart Out

  31. Vagabond - Poisonous

  32. Eclipse - Making Love Forever (Ham Remix)

  33. Fracus feat Lisa Abbott - Mirage (Brisk & Ham Remix)

  34. Eclipse - Things You Do (Ham Remix)

  35. Euphoria - Holding Out

  36. Euphoria - Drunk With Love

  37. Brisk & Vagabond vs DMO - Never Be Alone

  38. Brisk & Ham - Sunrize

  39. Brisk & Darwin - Make You Mine

  40. DJ Ham - Love U Tonight

  41. Euphoria - Restore My Heart

  42. Fracus feat Ali - Guiding Lights

  43. Double Dutch - Worlds Collide (Brisk & Fracus Mix)

  44. Brisk & Fracus - Nothing In Our Way

  45. Euphoria feat Tess & MC Wotsee - Final Goodbye

  46. Brisk & Vagabond - My Obsession

  47. Brisk & Fracus - Clear Blue Skies

  48. Double Dutch - Killer

  49. Ham vs S.O.U.L. - Run To You

  50. Brisk & Ham - Angel Eyes (Re-Con Remix)

  51. Brisk & Vagabond - Hit The Deck (Ham Remix)

  52. Brisk & Stormtrooper - Rubix Cubix

  53. Vagabond - Addiction, Temptation

  54. Brisk & Ham - Fuck With My DJ

  55. Brisk & Ham - Step 2 Da Flaw

  56. Brisk & Stormtrooper - Rudeboy Sounds

  57. Brisk & Vagabond - Lift Me Up

  58. Brisk & Vagabond - Hardcore Never Dies

  59. Impact - My Style

  60. Brisk & Vagabond - Dance With Me

  61. Deeadhed - On Fire (Hixxy Remix)

  62. Euphoria feat MC Casper - Hardcore Overdose

  63. Dreadhed - Pussy Like Bitches

  64. Brisk & Vagabond - Funky Joint

  65. Brisk & Vagabond - Clubfucker

  66. Brisk & Vagabond - Punchdrunk

  67. Brisk & Ham feat MC Whizzkid - Crazy Love (Scott Brown Remix)

  68. Brisk & Fade - Skillz & Stylez

  69. Double Dutch - Delicious

  70. Frisky & Hujib - Never Stop

  71. Double Dutch - Movin' On

This is a tracklist I wasn't ready for. My God, the amount of classics in here is insane! I had to look on Discogs again to figure out how many records these labels had released, and it a lot! A lot, a lot! And a handful of them made it into this mix. And yes, it glorious.

It goes from your well known UKHC classics to some European Hardcore, the style we like in the Netherlands. And that put my under pressure to determine a favourite record. As I've got one for each style, I have two for this mix. 'Punchdrunk' is my favourite Hardcore anthem, 'Ruff Rugged & Raw' my favourite UKHC anthem.

But this mix has got more than just these two anthems. 71 in total. Nearly 6 hours of UKHC's finest anthems. And even to this day do they do a lot of damage. Did they know, when they created these labels, that they would be so influential? So impactful? So important to us all? I doubt it, but that's exactly what these two labels had become. Well respected, and truly missed labels.

A wonderful glimpse back in time, when UKHC dominated my life, and most of the people in the UK. And I'm glad to have discovered these labels before they stopped. Well, did they stop? Who knows?

DJ: History of Happy Hardcore

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Hardcore

Mix Info: Saturday Seshions 'Next Generation Vs Blatant Beats 2' - HDSN

Length Mix: 05:49:12

Tracks: 71 (seventy-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 798 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2024


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