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Scarred Digital Presents: Scarred By Sound (2018)

You all must be aware of the latest UK Hardcore album being released by the mighty Scarred Digital label and the label owner DJ Sc@r: they have taken over Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms. And there's a good reason for it. Not many albums get released nowadays, so when one does emerge, we all should embrace it and listen to what's on it. And seeing as this is Scarred Digital's first compilation, it's a special one.

I've been a Sc@r fan for many years, and when she started Scarred Digital it was all fresh and exciting, and now it has turned into this big empire, a label with 153 releases so far, and more will come in the near future. This family (that's what they call themselves) has been a good platform for upcoming talents, and with this latest release it has given a handful of artists the opportunity to be on a wicked album, which is mixed by the mother of the label, Sc@r,

So what happens when you buy the album? You get the actual CD, which is mixed by Sc@r. But also something called 'Dual Ownership' of the 15 records. You get them unmixed in a DJ friendly WAV format. A voucher will be sent alongside the physical CD and with this download voucher, well, you know what you need to do. It's obvious.

I'm not a DJ, more a blogger who loves mixes. So to hear the mix is always a bonus for me. Gives me a good impression of each record (which you will own after you purchased the album). But you need to be quick: already half of all the physical copies have been sold. So don't be a knob, get the album now!

01. Dean-P, Infexious & Vibrance feat Ceci - Thunder & Raindrops

02. Code-E - I Need Love

03. Tamerax & Lovely Chan - Ready When You Are

04. Sw!tch & Wyld feat Stephanie Kay - The Stars Collide

05. Dan Edge & Ben Manic - Reflections

06. Reflux & Studioslave - Just Release Me

07. Uniqform & S.I.D.R. - You're My Everything

08. Skye, 2B Happy, Delusion - Rock The Bass

09. Ken Masters & Andy Wilson feat Haruna Sawamizu - Civilization

10. ViolonC - Drive Me Crazy

11. Sc@r & MoreMental MC - Scarred By Sound

12. NeoNoise & Havoc - Ass Up

13. Rob IYF & Stu Woods - T-Virus

14. Mansy - Survivor

15. Catzeyez & MC Instinct - KOR (Keep On Raving)

So, let me recapture what you will get: a physical copy of Sc@r's mix, and 15 DJ friendly tracks (which you see above here). And only that for just a few pennies and pounds. You were going to spend it on crap anyway, why not spend it on quality, and support the scene?

Scarred Digital's album contains a lot of melodic and vocally records, and when I say a lot, I do mean A LOT. They obviously love this kind of UK Hardcore, and I can not disagree. If I had to pick, vocal anthems would do more for me. But this album is diverse too, not only UK Hardcore but also EDMCore, Happy Hardcore and Gabber records can be found on here. Carefully selected by the mother of the label.

It's a fresh and exciting album. Just what the scene needs. Uplifting and happy music. And we all know that Sc@r loves that. So you basically get what you asked for. Sc@r knows what kind of music pleases the true Hardcore fans, and I can not debate this: it's the fact. If you are a true lover, you will embrace this album.

Normally I would pick a favourite record, and on this album it's the easiest decision ever! It's the first record. 'Thunder & Raindrops'. A bit of oldskool (Slipmatt-sounding) crammed in there as well. A no brainer, to be fair.

Sc@r should be proud of her album. A lovely looking album cover, and all, and I mean ALL, these records sound really good. A good representation of that what the scene is missing. We need more vocally stuff, more happier stuff, more bouncy stuff, and more from Sc@r.

DJ: Sc@r Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore, Gabber

Release Year: 2018

Album Info: Scarred By Sound

CDs: 1 (one)

Length CD: 00:53:25

Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Label: Scarred Digital

Product Number: unknown Buy Album: Scarred Digital - Bandcamp Page

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