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Si Thompson - Evolution Plus Mix Part 2 (17-5-2022)

It's roughly 7am, and I'm sitting here, happy as Larry. Why you might be wondering? Well, I've woken up, and once my laptop was fired up, the first mix I saw on Soundcloud was an Evolution records mix made by Si Thompson. Is there a better way of waking up? OK, maybe a BJ and a steak, but that might be heavy on my stomach at 7am. So instead, let's listen to this mix. But don't underestimate this: it is still heavy, hard and rough. It's freaking Evolution records man! Come on. You know the label, and you love the label, right?

I have been a Scott Brown fan for many years, and had the honour to hear him play on multiple occasions. Sadly it was never a set filled with his own productions, but more Gabber focussed sets, but still good though. One of the founding fathers of the UK Hardcore scene, and a pioneer in the Gabber scene too. To me, his approach to UK Hardcore has always been my favourite kind. Like his music speaks to me directly, and gets me going harder on the dancefloor. More melodic, yet a small hint of gabber influences. And I love it.

Especially his early work. No, not the early early stuff, that's too old, but vintage in a good way. But I'm talking about UK Hardcore and the stuff he released on his label. I quickly had to look and see what this Evolution Plus meant. I thought it was maybe a sub label to Evolution records. And it indeed is. I'm not a sub label connoisseur, if I'm brutally honest. But it's good that Si Thompson reminds me of this sub label, and that I need to do some more digging. Investigate what is out there, and what else there is to discover. But for now, let's focus on his mix, and see which songs he has used.

Are they any good? Worth listening? Well, that's a no brainer....

  1. Plus System - Commence

  2. Scott Brown - Elysium Plus

  3. Plus System - Neck Breaker

  4. Scott Brown - Satisfied

  5. Scott Brown - Detonated (Plus System Remix)

  6. Scott Brown - Serial Killer

  7. Plus System - Please Don't Cry

  8. Scott Brown presents Plus System - Bassline Of The Century

  9. Scott Brown - We Don't Give A Damn

  10. Scott Brown - I Call The Shots

  11. Plus System - This Is How We Do It

  12. Scott Brown - Life As We Know It

  13. Plus System - Na Na Na

  14. Scott Brown vs Hyperbass - We're Droppin' This (Original)

If there's a better way of waking up, let me know. Again, BJ and steak is great, but might be heavy on the stomach. But I would argue that there's nothing better than waking up to some Scott Brown tunes. It's a very pleasant feeling, and Si Thompson's mix is a great one to start your day with.

One of the great things is that this mix doesn't contain probably one of the worst UK Hardcore songs ever, the one where Scott Brown uses The Bloodhound Gang vocals. And that makes me even more happier. Can a human be this happy? That is always a fear of mine, to find a very good mix, to have it ruined by that specific song. Dreadful lyrics/vocals. Rather stab myself in the ear with a needle. But Si left it out, and that's all great news!

What he has done instead, is picked 14 of the finest Scott Brown records, and crammed them into a wicked mix. Who doesn't love 'Neck Breaker', or 'Serial Killer', or 'Commence', or 'Elysium Plus'? Scott Brown knew what the masses wanted, and his skills gave us monster anthems that turned into timeless classics.

What else is there to mention? Nothing else. A wicked mix, with great Scott Brown songs. Be it under his own name or his alias Plus System. Scott Brown always brings the heat, and Si Thompson does too. He's been a very busy person on Soundcloud, and he's been adding a shit ton of mixes for you to check out. But this one at the moment is my favourite mix.

Best record? 'Elysium Plus'. Smashing record!

DJ: Si Thompson

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore

Mix Info: Si Thompson - Evolution Plus Mix Part 2 (17-5-2022)

Length Mix: 00:58:03

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown


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