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Si Thompson - Hardcore Breaks Mix (18-11-2021)

Earlier this morning I was listening to Darkcore/Millennium Hardcore/Industrial Hardcore, but quickly after the review I had to wind down a tad. I was full on Hardcore, And I wanted to listen to something completely different. And that's when I remembered that I had a few favourited on Soundcloud, a few I still had to listen to, and the one I picked was Si Thompson's mix from 2021, focussed on the Hardcore Breaks of life. Breakbeat Hardcore is always great to listen to, once you get the chance. And today's the day I'm going to emerge myself into Breakbeat.

Now you might be thinking: TCD, what is Breakbeat? Well, I'm not here to give you the full backstory, for those people who are interested, you can Google the living daylight out of it, and find the meaning behind Breakbeat and more. I'm here to discuss Si Thompson's mix. It's not the only Breakbeat focussed mix on his Soundcloud channel: if you are seeking for more, go and have a browse.

Not much is known about this mix. Could have literally been a recording for a radio show, or just for fun? Whatever the reason behind this set is, it's not really relevant. What is relevant are the tunes Si has picked for this mix. And there are some glorious ones in here. Feast your eyes on this tracklist and tell me if it does something to you...

  1. N-Trance - Set You Free (Original Radio Edit)

  2. Acen - Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!) (Remix 1)

  3. Acen - Trip II The Moon (Part 1)

  4. Spectral - Close Your Eyes

  5. Syko & Mak - Murda EP (A2)

  6. The Tripper - Vol 1 (Side A)

  7. DMS - Exterminate (Day Of The Hardcore)

  8. Piano Man - Revelations (Vibes & Hattrixx Remix)

  9. Connection - A Different Story

  10. Jungle Buddha - Drug Me

  11. Drum & Bass - Lowdown & Funky

  12. Jungle Buddha - Psalm IV

  13. Jumping Jack Frost - Osmosis

  14. Shut Up And Dance feat Peter Bouncer - Raving I'm Raving

I'm not a Breakbeat connoisseur, and most of the names are unfamiliar to me, but what I can say is that the music should speak for itself. And in this mix it certainly does. Really feeling the vibes, really feeling the Breakbeats coming at me through my monitors.

Si Thompson's mix is a good one. Short and sweet. Only 14 records in an hour long mix, which is sufficient. The tunes are solid, and keeps you going. The hour literally flies by without you knowing, and the records are just exactly as you wanted them to be: hard and rough.

I have to say that N-Trance's record wouldn't be my first record. Yes, it's a classic anthem, but due to radio overkill I cannot listen to it yet. It has lost its power, but that's just a personal decision. Same with 'Raving I'm Raving', but that seems to be a tad cheesy. I think these are more liked on the dancefloor. A place I've not been in a while, so maybe I should go out and rave, rave more?

A nice and welcoming mix. If you are liking this, check out Si's Soundcloud channel for more mixes similar to this one! And it's got 'Vol 1 Side A' by The Tripper in it. Always a good choice!

DJ: Si Thompson

Genre/Style: Hardcore Breaks, Breakbeat Hardcore

Mix Info: Si Thompson - Hardcore Breaks Mix (18-11-2021)

Length Mix: 00:59:22

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021 (2022 on Soundcloud)

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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