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Sickmode & Rooler presents THE GANG LIVE @ Rebirth 2022

Have I been too long out of the Rawstyle scene? Have I not reviewed enough yet? Clearly not, because I've only stumbled across this set by The Gang today, and it made me wonder who they were. It quickly became clear that it's Rooler and Sickmode together, and they've formed this duo called 'The Gang'. I am aware of both producers/DJs, but wasn't aware they joined forces and created this something magical. But thanks to YouTube for sharing this content. It has certainly made me a very happy Dutchman... and one that's craving for more The Gang.

It seems that I'm the only one, because everyone in the crowd at this year's Rebirth 2022 knew of their existence and their records. The crowd literally loose their shit from the first to the last second, and seem to have embraced The Gang. Who wouldn't though? It only took me 30 minutes of them at Rebirth for me to fall in love with their music, and their quirkiness.

They bring happiness into their set, and their music might sound chirpier, but it's certainly the opposite, once the beat and bass kicks in. They weren't the only one at Rebirth, but this review is all about the heat they brought to Rebirth. Their set was only 31 minutes long (including an intro), but within those minutes you are thrown from side to side, and the bass keeps coming at you through your speakers. And it goes as raw as you can imagine.

It's pure filth, and I love it. And it's now time for me to show you the tracklist. Ready for it?

  1. Intro

  2. Sickmode - HEY X3

  3. Rooler - YES (THE GANG EDIT)

  4. Sickmode - HEY X (LIVE EDIT)


  6. Rooler & Sickmode - FIND YOU (WALK AWAY)

  7. Rooler & Sickmode - GANG (THE GANG EDIT)


  9. Rooler - MOVE 2 DA BEAT

  10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (Mighty Spiritz Bootleg - Sickmode Edit)

  11. DJ Basik - KINGPIN (Rooler Bootleg)

  12. Rooler - BOSS (THE GANG EDIT)

  13. Sickmode - AUDIO DAMAGE (HEY X3 LIVE EDIT)


  15. Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008

  16. Sickmode & Rooler - TOO COLD

  17. Rooler - LOVE U BABY (THE GANG EDIT)

  18. Sickmode & Rooler - ALL I NEED IS BASS KICK (THE GANG MASHUP)

  19. Sickmode & Rooler - CLUB BANGER

  20. Sickmode & Rooler - TOO HOT (THE GANG EDIT)

  21. Sickmode & Levenkhan & Rooler - LESGOOOO!

  22. High Level - LALALA (THE GANG EDIT)

Please do not think I'm shouting at you. You might look at the tracklist and think I did it on purpose, but it's all The Gang's fault: their music (and sub sequential tracklist) do scream through your speakers and monitor.

What else happens? Well, if you go and watch the YouTube video, you might not want to have your volume on max, as it will blow your speakers up. But if you do by accident, at least they died during something you love. The music is ace, and the video editing is done excellently. And both Rooler and Sickmode seem to have a lot of fun behind the decks. Is this a match made in Heaven?

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this mix for the first time. I had as much fun as Rooler and Sickmode, and their music seems to be just super dope. The crowd agrees, as they are absolutely in the zone during the 30 minutes. And my God, the bass is filthy as fuck.

There are 21 tracks to choose from, but 'KLAPLONGEN' is the one that got me going the most. But to be fair: I could be there, at Rebirth, and dance my fucking feet off during each of these tracks. They are all solid dancefloor demolishers.

A golden duo. The Gang is here to stay, and the people at Rebirth agreed! And today they've gained another fan... me!

Act: The Gang a.k.a Rooler & Sickmode

Genre/Style: Rawstyle

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Rebirth 2022

Length Liveset: 00:31:01

Tracks: 21 (twenty-two) + Intro

Download/Listen (via YouTube): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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