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Slavefriese - Base Hammer - Jason S Mix (2005)

Slavefriese. When I saw this mix being uploaded onto Soundcloud, it grabbed my attention. Why does this name ring a bell? And then it hit me: I did have a few compilations back in the early 00s with Slavefriese records on them. Do I still have those compilations? Nope. Well, I do, but they are on my hard drive. That sadly means that I only get to go on it whenever I'm bored of Soundcloud. But Soundcloud will never be boring, and it will provide me with continuous music, 24/7. And you get to hear forgotten gems, like this mix, made by mixmaster Jason S, back in 2005.

Slavefriese, I thought he was Dutch, due to the word 'friese' in his name (Friesland anyone?). But he's German, and he had some successful records back in the early 00s. And what is astonishing, is the sound he created back then! It's a sound I've not heard in a while. It's a mash of several styles, a bit of Techno, a bit of Industrial, a bit of generic Hardcore, a bit of everything. But the main focus is the darker sound of course.

I'm not saying I was a huge fan of Slavefriese, but I did like the music he created. Dark was my style during the early 00s. Didn't even know he released his own album! And that Jason S mixed the third disc. That's kind of cool, to be fair. We all know Jason S nowadays as the mix master, but even back in 2005 he killed it! Proper Hardcore, that's what you get on disc 3. Which you can find on Mixcloud (and also Soundcloud). Worth checking out? Yes!

01. Slavefriese - Quiet Intro

02. Slavefriese - Lost In The Vietkong Jungle

03. Slavefriese - On A Trip

04. Slavefriese - As Loud As Possible

05. Slavefriese - Ecstasy Me

06. Slavefriese - Plutonium Crackers

07. Slavefriese - Proper Cooperative Groove

08. Slavefriese - Utopia

09. Slavefriese - Move Your Body

10. Slavefriese - Greed Is Good

11. Slavefriese - When The Music Suck

12. Slavefriese - Hardcore You Know The ScXXX

13. Slavefriese - Base Hammer

It was released back in 2005, and this mix is just spot on! This captures the sound which was 'common' back then. Sadly forgotten, but oh so damn good. This was the time before the whole Uptempo scene, this was industrial to the core. But do I prefer this sound? Yes. This was all in line with the time, and Slavefriese's records just hit the nail on the head. It was something new and refreshing.

The first thing I noticed was the tracklist. The titles are just so funny. Normally you do get a sense of a specific style (Hardcore in general is a bit harder, and the titles do resemble that), but you've got one record focussed on ecstacy, the other about a base hammer, and plutonium is also thrown into the mix, and let's not forget the Vietkong! Mixes with titles like that cheer me right up. Don't know why. But they do.

The music itself is good. It's not the full album, but you get a descent portion of the album. Jason S' mix is spot on, and for 51 minutes he takes you on a Slavefriese journey. There's nothing wrong with this mix. The records are good, the mixing is good. This takes me on a journey back to the early 00s, and I'm loving it.

I'm going to check and see if Slavefriese's album is still available. Just, for the sake of it. I want it.

DJ: Jason S

Genre/Style: Industrial, Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: Slavefriese Megamix

Length Mix: 00:51:51

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Jason S - Mixcloud Page

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