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Smith & Brown - EOYM 2018

Smith and Brown, the discovery of 2018. Or was it 2017? Well, whenever it happened, it was a discovery. When I heard their 'Last Landing' record for the first time, it blew me away! This fresh sounding Tech Trance record has such a depth to it, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. And these two legends have uploaded a nice NYE gift for us: a 3 hour and 20 minute long EOYM. And if you are too old to figure out what that stands for: End Of Year Mix.

In this mix you can find a few own productions, a bootleg, and a lot of other amazing sounding records by well established names such as Project 8, Scot Project, Sneijder, John O'Callaghan, Sied van Riel, Will Rees and more. The other day I reviewed DJ RAM's yearmix, and it was good, but sometimes you just want to go all out, and listen to darker Trance music. And Tech Trance delivers all the goods.

This mix might seem long, but before you know it, you have listened to it completely, and it starts again (unless you haven't ticked the 'repeat' button on Soundcloud). But it's a must-listen to mix. Trust TCD, we are always right!

01. Maarten De Jong - Cast Iron

02. Alex Di Stefano - My Shadow

03. Sied van Riel - Atomic Blonde

04. Marco V - Switchim (HP Source Remix)

05. Dogzilla - Dogzilla (Alex Di Stefano Remix)

06. Everlight - Microgravity

07. Stoneface & Terminal - Airflow

08. Daniel Skyver - A Bolt From The Blue

09. David Forbes, Richard Lowe & Suzanne Chesterton - Orion

10. Joint Operations Centre feat Kate Miles - Behind The Silence

11. Will Rees - Need You

12. London Grammar - Hell To The Liars (Billy Gilllies Remix)

13. Sneijder & James Dymond - Deadline

14. John O'Callaghan feat Stine Grove - Our Destiny

15. Gary Paterson - Meet Me On The Other Side

16. Cristoph - Voice Of Silence (Smith & Brown Bootleg)

17. Ram & Ciaran McAuley - Serengeti

18. Kriess Guyte - Rav3r

19. Ashley Smith - Freakshow

20. Richard Tanselli - High Love

21. David Forbes & Trevor Reilly - Acid Therapy

22. HP Source - The Funk Controller

23. Smith & Brown - We Got The Funk

24. William Daniel presents Fu2ra - Back To The Program

25. Stoneface & Terminal - So What (Greg Downey Remix)

26. Smith & Brown - Tilt

27. David Rust - Tonto

28. Iain M - Psychoactivity

29. Project 8 - Order

30. Shugz - Down The Rabbit Hole

31. Smith & Brown - Foul Matter

32. Andain - Promises (Chris Schweizer Remix)

33. Systembreaker - Sleep Paralysis

34. Sneijder - Decimate

35. David Forbes & Paul Denton - Blizzard

36. The Technicians & Liam Wilson - Some Time

37. David Forbes - Obscene Filthy

38. Scot Project - D (Don't Go)

Now will you look at that! That's a beautiful tracklist. True Tech Trance (and let's not forget the Trance lovers) lovers will adore this mix. It's a thing of beauty. And as I mentioned before, time does fly by once you pressed the magical 'play' button.

These two legends know how to make music sound much better, and this mix had to contain at least a few of their own productions. And they got that covered. It's nice to see that they get the recognition they deserve. Since 'Last Landing' they've had releases all over the place and they gain fans every day! Smith and Brown, a duo you need to look out for. Or in this case, don't, because you've got their mix right in front of you.

Which record was the best in their EOYM? I had 38 records to choose from, and it wasn't easy at all! But the one that got stuck in my head the most is Alex Di Stefano's 'My Shadow'. What a wicked anthem!

I've got to give Smith and Brown credits again for yet another awesome mix. Keep up the good work lads, keep up working on your excellent and mysteriously sounding Tech Trance. It's much appreciated. TCD loves it!

DJs: Smith & Brown

Genre/Style: Tech Trance, Trance

Mix Info: EOYM 2018 by Smith & Brown

Length Mix: 03:22:56

Tracks: 38 (thirty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Smith & Brown - Soundcloud Page

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