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Soundcloud - Your 2023 Playback

The year is slowly coming to an end, and we are all experiencing 2023 for the last few times. It will be a thing of the past, in roughly 16 days. We will sing 'Auld Lang Syne' and see 2024 for the first time. It has been a great year, to be fair, and I've spent a lot of time on Soundcloud. Maybe too much time? Every day I would use the app, as a day without music is a day I have not lived. I'm such a sucker for music, and it's the easiest app to use on my phone, and in the car. But what have I listened to the most in 2023? Well, Soundcloud has got my back!

I've reviewed their 'Playback' bits before, back in 2020 (click here), but just took it for granted that each year Soundcloud would generate a playlist for each user, which contains all the tracks they've played the most throughout the year. And my list might not look interesting, but it is. If you are looking for a diverse list, don't look any further. From Dutch Pop music to Breakbeat Hardcore, from Piepcore to Techno, from House to Hip Hop. All is in here.

And some aren't even new tracks. Some are extremely 'old', but I've only discovered them in 2023 on Soundcloud, or I kept on listening to them, and they might have appeared on previous year-list. Who knows. Who knows how their algorithm works, but at least it's a nice throwback to all the mixes/sets I've listened to the most.

That doesn't mean the tracks/mixes/sets are the best, but it just shows the amount of times I've listened to them. Would have been cooler to show the actual plays, and how man times it has contributed to the total plays of a song/mix/etc. Some songs I've listened to so often, I must be responsible for a thousand plays or more.

But what was played/listened to the most by yours truly, in 2023?

ROD - Hate Podcast 342

Maan & Goldband - Stiekem (Remastered)

Craig Scott - Hardcore Breakz 7 - 14-04-23

DJ Epyx - Special Oldschool & Retro House Classics Mixtape Part 1

Vieze Asbak - Erika Uit Langenboom

Headhunterz - The Power Of Music (Original Mix)

GPF - Miracle

Craig Scott - Hardcore Breakz 1 - 29-10-22

SAPHER - The Core Of Madness EP117 - DJ Mad Dog Downtempo Tribute Hardcore Mix

Caine - Worst Nightmare

Headhunterz & Vertile feat Sian Evans - Lost Without You (Defqon.1 2023 Closing Theme)

Angerfist - Temple Of Disease (Tha Playah Remix)

Mad Dog & Promo - The Realness

plush - Live At SKSKSKS

Paris - The Devil Made Me Do It

Thunderdome - The First Decade 2022

Blonde feat Karin Harding - Feel Good (It's Alright)

Vamos - House #001 - Back To My Roots

Thunderdome - The Third Decade 2022

Project Omeaga - Morphine Attack

Cryogenic - Basskick Paradise

Marc Acardipane - Multigroove - The Ultimate Rave Selection Volume 1

Lexya & The Unfamous @ Loudboat 2023

Daxson - Who We Are (Extended Mix)

Ava Max - Torn (Renegade System Remix)

Ilk - The Sound Of Falling

Neophyte & The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker (Restrained Remix)

Revokez presents: Best Of Headhunterz

Indecent Noise - Noistalgia Podcast 021: Scot Project

2 Hyped Brothers & A Dog - Doo Doo Brown

Delicate Soundz - Old Skool Industrial Techno Acid [1990-1993]

Noisecontrollers - Destroyer Of Worlds

Noisecontrollers - Down Down

Walter & Simon - Saturday Party (Club Mix)

Craig Scott - Hardcore Breakz 9 - 05-05-23

Dr. Z-Vago - Back To The Core Vol. 4

Detachment 1 - Drop Like You

DISC-U-TABLE - Effe Lekker Nikstape Vol. 01

Fabrice - Black Force (Extended Mix)

Lorenzo Loud presents: This Is Real Hardcore Part 20: Resonate Hardcore Classics Special

GPF & gladde paling - Piep N Bass

Lewis Mann - Vinyl Destination presents Mauro Picotto

PLEXOS - Living In Fear

Thunderdome 2022 - Drokz

Current Value feat Saiba - Clear Blue Water (Remix)

GPF x S3RL x DJ Gollum - Come Inside

Rooler - Feel Da Rhythm

DJ Kristof & Na-Goyah - Vendetta 2010

Mysteryland 1999 - Hardcore And Techno Edition

A Nightmare In Rotterdam - Warm Up Mix Tommyknocker

This is probably one of the best tracklists you will ever see. But that's just based on my own opinion. But now the main question, would you listen to my Playback list? Would this be of any interest to you all? It is diverse, you've got to give me credit for that.

I am always happy to see a list like this one. It reminds me of all the goodies I've heard throughout the year. Some I still listen to, to this day. I go through phases myself, whereby I listen to a song for a month, leave it for a bit, and then go back to it, for yet another month. And some songs are just on repeat all day, for months in a row. These were my 'safe haven' records. They make me feel comfortable. And some are just too damn good, like the Hardcore Breakz mix series.

I cannot pick a favourite, as these 50 have been my favourite throughout the year. Can you pick one? Have you got a Playback playlist on Soundcloud, and what is in yours? Interesting to find out.

Love all these records. And as a reviewer, it shows how unbiased I am. As long as it sounds great, I'm game. And these were my game throughout the year.

Hope 2023 was a great year for you too, and let's pray that 2024 will be better. Or equally as good as 2023. But not worst, we don't need that.

My Soundcloud player won't work all of a sudden, so click here for the Playback playlist instead!

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