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Stamina Records (The Beginning) [Mixed By M@rt!n-J] (2024)

Only 2 months ago did I discover a mix made by M@rt!n-J, which was focussed on the legendary Freeform label called Stamina Records, which was focussed on an album released in 2014. This time, we go back to the beginning of Stamina Records. According to their Discogs page, they started back in 2011, and they've been a fascinating force in the scene. Recent announcements have made us all think of the awesome back catalogue this label has, and M@rt!n-J decided to showcase the first few years, and which awesome records were released on this glorious label.

The label is taking an extended and indefinite break this year. And even though we are all sad and devastated, we have to be positive. We have to look at all the glorious anthems they have released over the 12+ years, and what they have meant for the Freeform scene. I consider myself a Freeform fanatic, and a fan of the label, and as sad as I am to see them taking a break, at least we've got a fantastic catalogue to fall back onto. And that's what M@rt!n-J has done. And guess what?

He made a mix which contains 15 of the finest anthems released on Stamina Records. And it feels like an homage to the label. We have to acknowledge that the label has done so much for ravers all over the UK, and the world too. They have set the bar pretty high, and their releases as of top notch quality. The label has had an amazing run, and hopefully they'll come back soon. They do deserve a break, a well deserved break. Who knows what will happen in the future?

For now, let's look at the past, and the awesome tunes selected for this mix:

  1. A.B & Nick 235 feat Rhona - Silence A Prayer (Intro Mix)

  2. Douglas - Ice Cream

  3. Andy Dee - Forever Yours (Dark Mix)

  4. Douglas - In My Mind

  5. A.B - Alright

  6. Douglas - Grawlix

  7. A.B - Phoenix

  8. Cube::Hard & Douglas - Codex (Darwin's VIP Remix)

  9. Douglas - Division By Zero (Coming Up/BliP Edit)

  10. A.B & Douglas vs DJ Ned (CLSM) - Hold On (S3RL Remix)

  11. Transcend - Spirit Of Hades

  12. A.B - Engine

  13. S3RL & Synthwulf - Everybody Wants To Be A DJ (S3RL's Stylecore Remix)

  14. Little Fella - Guest List

  15. A.B & Nick 235 feat Rhona - Future's Past

This brings a huge smile on my face, but every mix M@rt!n-J does, is an amazing piece of work. And to commemorate the majestic label Stamina Records, there should be no reason to make the mix. The label is awesome, and this latest mix by this DJ, is a wonderful addition to my growing admiration for the DJ. He keeps feeding us excellent mixes. Please, don't ever stop.

I am loving this mix. But truth be told: I do listen to a lot of Stamina Records lately, and I do have a daily dosage of Freeform, with most tracks from this label. I do adore the label, and the music is ace.

Yet another slamming mix. Only credit where credit is due. This is one of M@rt!n-J's best mixes, and he's made a few over the years. This is one of the finest, mainly because it's filled with Stamina Records anthems, and it's full of Freeform anthems. And it's got 'Alright' in it, which is such an underrated anthem!

Check this bad boy out! Yet another amazing mix that will put a smile on your face.

DJ: M@rt!n-J

Genre/Style: Freeform, UK Hardcore

Mix Info: Stamina Records (The Beginning) [Mixed By M@rt!n-J]

Length Mix: 01:00:00

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Type: mp3

File Size: 137 MB

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2024

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