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Steve Dekay - Transmission Live (Home Edition) (2020)

It's Saturday, and I'm having a good day. I went to my local car dealer to have the car serviced, and whilst I had to wait, I decided to do some work on my laptop. Not very exciting so far, I fully understand that, but here comes the good bit: seeing as the service I had carried out was for me to wait until it was done, I had a few hours spare, and I decided to do some work whilst listening to music. Now that's an epic combination, especially when the music is damn good. And the set you are about to listen to is certainly that!

The one thing that amazed me about Steve Dekay's set is the amount of wicked tunes he has put in it. An hour and 23 minutes of pure Trance music. All live. Sadly not recorded at the actual event, but more like we are used to nowadays: from all over the world, but not where we would like to see it. But that's OK, at least we are getting our music fix. And Steve is the right man to take me into another dimension.

I was aware of his music after I purchased Rielism Volume Four, and his track 'Nyctophilia'. That track just blew me away. And now I am indulging myself into his world. And it's going to be a good one. This Colombian producer is one that you need to be aware of: he has even made it onto Paul Van Dyk's tenth studio album! Now how about that? That's something special, isn't it? To work with a Trance legend. Paul Van fucking Dyk!

So let's dive straight into the tracklist, and be ready for nearly an hour and a half of pure pleasure!

  • Nikolauss & Starpicker - Arya

  • Steve Dekay & Vision X - Endurance (Extended Mix)

  • Darren Porter - Spellbound (ID Remix)

  • Steve Dekay & Emanuele Congeddu - Origami (Extended Mix)

  • Steve Dekay & Emanuele Congeddu - Astral (Extended Mix)

  • Steve Dekay - Sublime (Extended Mix)

  • Allen Watts & Steve Dekay - Hologram (Extended Mix)

  • Giuseppe Ottaviani - Colours (Extended Mix)

  • Andrew Rayel - Dark Warrior (Chris Schweizer Extended Remix)

  • Armin Van Buuren - In And Out Of Love vs Meteora vs Raw Deal (Mashup)

  • BiXX - Yes I Can (Extended Mix)

  • Steve Dekay - Labyrinth (Extended Mix)

  • Steve Dekay & H.M.B.L. - ID

  • Steve Dekay - Atom (Extended Mix)

  • Th3 Drop - Drop The Bass (Extended Mix)

  • Allen Watts & Steve Dekay - The Phuture (Extended Mix)

  • Steve Dekay vs AvB vs Sophie Ellis Bextor - Radhe vs not Giving Up On Love (Extended Mashup 2)

  • Steve Dekay with Cari - ID

  • Chris Schweizer - Near The End Of A Big Sky (PHOENIX Mashup)

  • Key 4050 vs Delerium feat Sarah McLachlan - Exposure Of Silence (PHOENIX Mashup)

  • Paul Van Dyk & Steve Dekay - Aurora (Extended Mix)

I have been pleasantly surprised by this mix. Flawless, and the tunes are bloody excellent! But one track stood out from all the others. Why you might say? Well, because it's one epic and truly astonishing tune. As good, no, even better than Nyctophilia, and that tune I really loved a LOT.

If you weren't aware of Steve Dekay, you will be right now. This mix is filled with his tunes, and have I mentioned that he has made a tune with Paul Van Dyk? Righto, let's move on. The mix was live recorded, and it has been an absolute bliss. I was listening to this multiple times today, especially when I was sitting at the car dealership. No one knew what I was listening to, but I couldn't care less. Mask on, Trance on. That's my motto right now.

OK, OK, you are waiting for me to answer which record was the absolute best. Well, fuck it, it has got to be 'Hologram' by Allen Watts & Steve Dekay. Truly an astonishing record. My favourite Trance record of 2020. Steve Dekay, you are a legend!

I have to say that Steve has done a brilliant job, and is on the rise. Someone you will certainly need to look and listen out for. So, make sure you check out his Transmission's set, and don't wait too long, like I've done with finishing this review (it's now Sunday). If you want to hear excellent music, let Steve Dekay take you on a journey!

DJ: Steve Dekay

Genre/Style: Trance

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Transmission Live (From Home)

Length Liveset: 01:22:20

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 201.3 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

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