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Substanced - Pure Freeform 4 (2020)

After hearing UK Hardcore first thing in the morning, I wanted to hear some Freeform music. And one of the great mix series I am currently missing a lot, has to be Substanced 'Pure Freeform' series. I've already reviewed the second and third instalment, but now it was time to see if there were other mixes I've missed. The last one I found on FINRG's Soundcloud page was from 2 years ago, and it's the fourth (and last?) instalment. So here's my review on Substanced latest Pure Freeform mix...

Substanced is a legendary producer and DJ, and has been very active in the Freeform scene for many years. And time and time again he shows the world why he's one of Freeform's finest producers. His records all rock, and left us craving for more. Him and Transcend are probably the best producers in the world? Do you agree or disagree?

Obviously his fourth instalment has the finest Freeform anthems in there by well established names, and a few of his own productions. As I've said over and over again, Freeform is so underrated, but to see a mix with high plays on Soundcloud brings a tear to my face. Seems the world is slowly warming up to Freeform? I've been an advocate of getting Freeform recognised, and I'm not the only one, but hopefully people will discover these Substanced mixes and spread the love all over the world.

It also relies on the fact that the music should be great. A mix is just a mix: the records should be exquisite. And are they? Well....

  1. Substanced - Hello

  2. Transcend - Communion VIP

  3. Substanced - Inferno

  4. Transcend & Hedonistik Ritual - Oragnism

  5. Eryk Orpheus - PVC (Lost Soul Remix)

  6. Substanced - Submission (Pure Freeform Edit)

  7. Transcend - Touching The Infinite

  8. A.B & Substanced - Injustice

  9. Transcend - Noise & Confusion

  10. Douglas & Remane - Disorder

  11. Substanced - Infinite

  12. GERCORE - Legacy

  13. Alek Szahala - Lumi (Kevin Energy Remix)

  14. Transcend - Neural

One mighty fine looking tracklist. And the tracks are good too! It's as good as you would expect them to be. It's Freeform, for fuck sake. It's not just your standard EDM stuff. Nah, this is high quality stuff.

This hour has flown by, and it's been amazing. A bit of older and newer Freeform, all crammed but carefully mixed into this hour long mix. Smooth as a baby's bottom. Leave that to Substanced: he always delivers. His previous 'Pure Freeform' mixes have also been a blessing in disguise. And every mix had some hard hitters. Some serious dancefloor smasher, and this mix is no exception.

As much as I love Substanced's productions, I haev to give credit to 'Communion VIP' by Transcend. And Douglas & Remane's 'Disorder'. These are my two favourite records of this set.

This is yet another showcase why Freeform is ace, and why Substanced is a boss. Get on it right now (even though it's 2 years after its initial release), and enjoy it as much as I have!

DJ: Substanced

Genre/Style: Freeform, Hard Trance

Mix Info: Pure Freeform 4

Length Mix: 01:01:40

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 112 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 256kbps

More Information: FINRG - Soundcloud Channel

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