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'Fun For The Whole Family'. That's written on the above image. Well, I might disagree, but it could be a very sarcastic statement by Lil Texas. Because it would certainly not apply in my household. No one, and I mean no one does appreciate the harder styles more than me. But leave the entertainment in the hands of Lil Texas: he's got our back. And if you seek entertainment, he will certainly bring a smile on your face with his latest SUMMER MIX. But be warned: if you've never heard of Lil Texas before or aren't a fan of the harder styles, you might need protection. No, not condoms, you silly sausage, you need ear protection. Because this set is hard as nails!

I have listened to Lil Texas' previous mixes, and they always seem to be as random as f*ck. Not your standard hard mix, but a mix that cannot be classed as 'normal'. That's good though, don't get me wrong, but it's certainly one that stands out. The way he puts the mix together, it's a mashup of everything he can find. A bit like having cereal with the first liquid you find in the fridge: if it's milk, it's OK. If it's coke or apple juice, it's wrong. It works, but wouldn't advice to give it a try. Where the f*ck am I going with this? I've lost the plot....

See! That's what this mix does to me. I've already played it 5 times in a row today, and my mind is mashed up. It's more like mashed potato up there, instead of actual brains. He does whatever he sees fit, and in a weird way it works. From Uptempo to UK Hardcore (the happy side of UK Hardcore) to Hardstyle to Hardcore to Terror to whatever you want to call it. It's all in this mix. Sometimes a mix doesn't need to make sense, as long as it's making your ass move. And it certainly did. My ass has been moving up and down on my office chair... WFH has got its perks!

The Summer has now officially landed, and now we can fully appreciate Lil Texas' mix. But what's in it, you might be asking? Well, these records:

  1. Krowdexx - Raised From The Dead

  2. Da Tweekaz & Warface - Intents Highscore

  3. Qriminal - Warzone 2022

  4. Lil Texas - Revelation (Live Edit)

  5. Element - Throw 'Em Up

  6. Riot Shift & Anderex - Hyperdimension

  7. Ncrypta - Scars (Deezl Remix)

  8. Sickmode & Rooler - Club Banger

  9. Lil Texas - ID

  10. Malice - Bloodbath (Live Edit)

  11. Ressurectz - Higher

  12. Dead X - ID

  13. Warface - Sensory

  14. The Purge - Metapurge

  15. Malice - Fear (Live Edit)

  16. Lil Texas - ID

  17. Technikore & Jennifer Rene - The Power Of You

  18. TNT & Darren Styles - Got The Music

  19. Novakaine - Holding Me Up

  20. Joey Riot & Mike Reverie - Another Dimension

  21. Dither & Nolz - Shockwave

  22. Blaster - Kiss A Goat

  23. Stereotype - The Dark Star

  24. Iridium - Another Victim

  25. Miss K8 - The Last Spartan

  26. Re-Fuzz - Trickster

  27. Gridkiller - Wasteland

  28. Wreck Reality - Bone Chilling Hardcore

  29. Lil Texas - ID

  30. Subgravity - Rookie

  31. Nosferatu & Alee - Crazy

  32. Namara - Inner Demons

  33. Chaos Project & Griever - Brotherhood

  34. Hysta - Antidote

  35. Lil Texas - Terror To Your Ear (2022 VIP)

  36. PsykoPhonic & BreakStyle - Everybody

  37. Gridkiller & Karun - Guns Out

  38. Detest & MBK - Death Squad

  39. Restrained - Exception 2 The Rule

  40. Lil Texas - ID

  41. Barber - Go Loco

  42. Anime - Bam Bam (F.Noize Remix)

  43. Lil Texas - Turn The Volume Up (EQUAL1 Edit)

  44. Noxiouz - Hak With Shaq

  45. Trespassed & MC Robs - Terrified

  46. Lil Texas - ID

  47. Tharoza - Boundaries

  48. Dimitri K & Roza - X UP

  49. Lil Texas - ID

  50. Lunakorpz - Buster

  51. Sandy Warez & Jimmy Twin - Don't Stop

  52. Manifest Destiny & Lara - Beat On My Drum

  53. Unproven - Take Me Home (Bootleg)

  54. Equal2 & Hvrdtonic - Same Fucking Shit

  55. SRB - The F Word

  56. Big & Rich - Save A Horse (Lil Texas 1000 BPM Edit)

I've now heard it so many times, I can actually dream this mix. I can hear it in my head, and know which track comes next. As weird as the build up is toward the end (not really there, it builds up throughout the set constantly, goes up and down BPM wise), it's as weird as you expect it to be. But I'm feeling it. It's something unordinary. Something different. Why make the same mix like thousands of others have made, or be different? You stand out for being different, right?

As hard as nails this mix might be, it's one of the softer tracks that got me. Technikore's song with Jennifer Rene. What a monster track. It's nice to see UK Hardcore slowly making its way into the wider world, and it's reaching a bigger audience. It's cool!

A weird, quirky, but very cool set. And maybe that's how this Summer should be. Different, quirky, yet exciting. Don't be a fool and be boring, be unique and fresh. Be like Lil Texas.

You might like or dislike this set, but that's your problem to sort out. Why not have a listen to this, and see if you agree to the listeners already (me included), or disagree with them? What's your opinion? Happy to hear your thoughts!

Ps. this comes as a free download, but I don't have Spotify (can you believe it?). If you do, you are in luck!

DJ: Lil Texas

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Hardstyle, UK Hardcore, Texcore, Uptempo, Rawstyle


Length Mix: 01:00:07

Tracks: 56 (fifty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown


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