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SURVIVAL Podcast #093 by Akira (2021)

Phonk. Have I been out of the scene that long? Every day I discover new words, and this is one of them. Phonk? Well, whatever the real definition is of this word, I bloody like it! Today's mix is one DJ Akira made for S U R V I V A L podcast. And as you well know, DJ Akira likes his things to be rough and hard, so it comes to no surprise that this mix really has the potential to blow your speakers into the next Millennium! But it's not Terror and Speedcore from the start, au contraire my friend. Akira starts slow, and builds it all up toward a climatic ending. The way a mix should be.

Today I really fancied hearing something hard, and there are a few names you immediately go to, for the harder stuff. One of them being Akira's best friend Drokz, and the other being Akira. I sadly never had the pleasure to see or hear him play live, but I've absorbed many hours of his sets, which were posted online. So in a sense I am familiar with his style, and as mentioned before, he does like it hard and rough. And he does give it his own spin, his own interpretation on what music should be, and how a mix should sound, and I'm guessing that this mix is no exception to the way he normally plays.

Not familiar with this podcast series (blooming hell, it's like we get more and more podcasts each day, can't keep up!), but they have gained another follower on Soundcloud. If all their podcasts are hard as nails, or similar to this roughness that Akira portrayed in this mix, I am satisfied. Yes, I'm easily pleased.

This mix starts of slow, but slowly, but surely, builds up the BPMs. Not going full on 10000 BPM at the end. Hell no, that's only reserved for GPF and their piep kicks. Akira does build it up in a well mannered way. And within 63 minutes he throws 40 records our way. So it's going to be a treat for us all!

Tracklist, anyone curious to see what Akira played?

  1. Syndicate - Impact (7" Edit)

  2. Stormtrooper & Syprexa - We Do It On E

  3. Syprexa - Single-Use Exit Bag

  4. Somniac One - Kill Everyone

  5. Asin - Dead Man

  6. Limewax - Acid Diaper

  7. The DJ Producer - Last Man Standing

  8. Xaturate & E-Dub - Big Foot

  9. Bratkilla & C-Netik - Corona Virus

  10. Dolphin - The Death Of Theokoles (Sinister Souls & Xaturate Remix)

  11. Deformer feat DJ Ken-One - Audio Intercourse

  12. Deformer - A Moment Of Violence

  13. Doormouse - Skelechairs

  14. Passenger Of Shit - Crap Fuckin vdv

  15. Hellfish & Producer - Theme From Fuck-Daddy

  16. Nasenbluten - Concrete Compressor (Live Mix)

  17. Dolphin - Runnin' Out Of CREAM

  18. Dolphin - The Polychronican

  19. The DJ Producer - Paradise Is Never

  20. Khaoz Engine - Abomination

  21. Hellfish - For The Fans

  22. The Outside Agency - The Immobilizer (Akira Remix)

  23. Khaoz Engine - Real Shit

  24. Hellfish - The New Ruler

  25. Dolphin & Bryan Fury - Radiobitch (Original)

  26. Dolphin - Raiders Cap (VIP Mix)

  27. The Outside Agency - Shadow Circle

  28. Hellfish - East Coast Boogie

  29. Hellfish - U Don't Quit

  30. Hellfish - Single Use Weapon

  31. Axe Gabba Murda Mob - Zero Empathy

  32. Khaoz Engine - Cracked Out

  33. Angerfist - Geto Tremble

  34. Deathmachine - Keeping My Mind On My Music

  35. Detest - The Return

  36. Hellfish & Bryan Fury - Doom Dance

  37. The Satan - Believe In Death

  38. Dolphin - Hong Kong Ping Pong

  39. Hellfish - I'm Not Leaving

  40. Axe Gabba Murda Mob - Repeat Prescription (Hellfish Remix)

So, wow. This hour long of Phonk music is certainly what you need, especially on this Monday after the Bank Holiday (which is basically a Tuesday, but with the workload of both days crammed in). I wasn't aware I needed this so desperately. But I'm happy I pressed play, and happy that Akira made this mix. Been trying to find more mixes with a tracklist, and this was the first I came across. A solid mix, no word of a lie!

As mentioned before, this mix contains literally everything hard and rough. Terror, Speedcore, Techno, Schranz, Breakcore, Hard Techno, Hard Drum and Bass, Industrial, but I don't think that any of the tracks can be classified as Extratone? One of the tags on Soundcloud says Extratone, but isn't that the ridiculously fast music, well above 250 BPM? Nah, it's much more civilised, this mix.

Hard as nails, but I wasn't expecting anything else from Akira. A true pioneer, and always pushing the harder sounds forward. Really pleased to hear this mix, and it gave me enough energy to get me through this week. Especially this week. But I'm guessing every week is a Phonk week, right? Every week we could listen to Phonk, to give us a boost?

Got no negative comments. Just check out this mix. Do that right now!

Best record? Dolphin's 'Runnin' Out Of CREAM'. Solid track that is!

DJ: Akira

Genre/Style: Phonk, Hard Drum & Bass, Crossbreed, Industrial, Terror, Speedcore, Techno

Mix Info: SURVIVAL Podcast #093 by Akira

Length Mix: 01:03:36

Tracks: 40 (forty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown


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