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T.K.'s Jump & Tek Classics (Part 9: 28 Years The Oh! The Classics Edition Warm-Up Mix) (2021)

The year is 2007. I am younger, and more handsome. And I've got energy to last me through each night. I go out, raving in Belgium, and as I was already bitten by the Jumpstyle bug, I could not be separated from Belgian clubs. And I grew up with Jumpstyle, so when I discovered it in certain clubs, I knew I was home. As underrated as it is nowadays, it meant the world to me back in the mid 2000nd. And it got ruined massively, and that's the sad part of Jumpstyle. I do love it, and the other day I wanted to hear it so badly, I decided to visit my old friend Soundcloud, and to my amazement, there's a lot on there.

Jumpstyle was and still is awesome. Not so much the dance, as it's a bit idiotic, and I can't do it. I look like a fat helicopter when spinning, so let's not do that. And the commercial side of it all ruined it. Everyone wanted to do that dance, but they did not understand the essence of the music. And when teenagers do the dance and older people try to, you know it is doomed, it is going to fail. We had a good run, but if it becomes ''cool'', it's certainly NOT cool anymore.

But to me it was. And how cool was it, to modify your car, to have massive speakers and a subwoofer in the back, blowing everything and everyone around you to bits. Lower your car, bigger wheels, better stereo... voila, you are a tuner. That's not how it should have been, but it was, and I did it too. Even had the angel eyes for an Opel Astra (but it was a BMW thing). And of course did I have a massive sound system in the car: how else can you enjoy Jumpstyle?

Hardcore 'died' in 1999, Happy Hardcore in '1998', Hardstyle emerged, and Jumpstyle took the world by storm. But it was tremendously big in the Benelux. That's a fact. And when it came to the actual music, the Belgians did it better. Much better. And with nights out, it was better in Belgian clubs. Event wise it was better in NL, but the Belgians knew how to throw a Jumpstyle party. And I've been to a few.

This reminds me of the good ol' days. Not 100% familiar with the ''Oh!'', maybe someone can fill me in with the details? I have absorbed a lot of alcoholic beverages throughout the 90s and 00s, so some details have become foggy memories.

  1. DJ Stone - Alarma (Original Mix)

  2. James Rhandal a.k.a. Radium - Stand Up (DJ HS Remix)

  3. Polycarpus - Fuck You! (Original Mix)

  4. DJ Guenot - What A Feeling (Original Mix)

  5. Bitch Boys - Mindblowing 07 (Candyman Remix)

  6. DJ Ruthless & GJ Warez - Movimento (Original Mix)

  7. DJ Gio - Violins And Drums (Original Mix)

  8. Chicago Zone - 2 Reactions (Zof & SMB's Oh! Edit)

  9. Largemellow - Holiday (Original Mix)

  10. DJ Fox - Again's A Melody (Original Mix)

  11. Polycarpus - The Organ Plaza (Original Mix)

  12. DJ Toff - La Playa (Original Mix)

  13. Jacky Core - La La Love (Original Mix)

  14. DJ Guenot - Magnum (Original Mix)

  15. Rudy Sunders - Pulse (Overdrive Mix)

  16. Teka B - It's Your DJ (Pedroh Bootleg Remix)

  17. Coone - Keep It Whoat (Original Mix)

  18. Massiv & The Rebel - Do It (Original Mix)

  19. Jump Killer - Remember (Original Mix)

  20. Microsome - Flight (Original Mix)

  21. DJ Gio - Retrokeys (Original Mix)

  22. Polycarpus - Poly Meets The Devil (Original Mix)

  23. W4cko - Fiesta Reloaded 2006 (Original Mix)

  24. DJ Greg C - Bad Boy Bass (Original Mix)

  25. Q-ic - All Night (Bjorn Smith vs T-Nikko Remix)

  26. Furax & V-Beatz - Otherside 2006 (Totalition Mix)

  27. W4cko & Casaya - Fanatic (Original Mix)

  28. W4cko & Crixus - Rush (Original A2B Mix)

This takes me right back to the Jumpstyle years. Again, I was a huge fan but never did the dance. Because, why would I? But trust me when I say that there have been plenty of journeys when the music genre of choice would have been Jumpstyle, and I've eaten the miles with those banging tunes being played out loud.

Around 2007 I was full into Jumpstyle, and still to this day do I find the music awesome. T.K., the one who made this mix as some kind of promo mix for an event that took place 2 1/2 years ago, he selected a few of the big anthems that did a lot of damage on the dancefloors. And in the end, these tunes killed my sub woofer, as it could not handle the bounding beats and basses anymore.

I feel like a teenager, early 20s, and everything is alright. Going out was still kind of affordable, and the music was awesome. Yes, trust me in saying that even Jumpstyle had some cheesy tunes. 'What A Feeling' anyone? But it certainly had some awesome records that I encountered everywhere I went. And to be it is 'Microsome's 'Flight''. What a freaking tune! Not only did you hear it everywhere, in clubs all over the Benelux, but also wherever you walked. The tuning community really loved Jumpstyle, and that song was played in many cars.

A really solid mix, one that reminds me of a world where everything was OK, and we still appreciated Jumpstyle for what it was, NOT what it was about to become. But it was Oh! so cool, right? From the Wizard logo in the 90s to that Jumpstyle logo on literally everything. It was a hype, and I'm glad to have experienced it. They might have brought it back under the 'Freestyle' umbrella, but it's never going to be the same as during the Millennium years.

DJ: T.K.

Genre/Style: Jumpstyle, Tek

Mix Info: T.K.'s Jump & Tek Classics (Part 9: 28 Years The Oh! The Classics Edition Warm-Up Mix)

Length Mix: 00:56:23

Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2021

More Information: T.K. - Soundcloud Channel

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