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Take #13 - Matthew McCounaugheYEEHAW (2022)

It is Saturday, a fun day. We've been told brilliant news yesterday, which I can't share yet, but it's great. And it's something me and the wife have been looking forward to. No, she ain't pregnant, for God sake! But hey ho, today is a good day, and we are both over the Moon. But it's a weird day, that's for sure. How can we top off a weird day? By listening to a weird mix. A weird mix I found by accident, and it's certainly not something you are used to see/hear. Just look at the freaking picture and tell me: does it make any sense?

You know when something is weird, when the picture linked to the mix is already mind bogglingly weird. This mix, made by someone from NL called Rígur Lárus, is certainly one that requires a bit of introduction and information. Maybe he could, because it makes sense but in a strange way, it doesn't? He's got other mixes on his Soundcloud channel with titles such as 'Chrisopher's Walkman', 'Dusting Hoffman' , 'Chevy Chases His Scorched Memories', 'Thrill Murray Came To My Boathouse Party' and more. And the one you are listening to, is called 'Matthew McCounaugheYEEHAW'. Like, WTF?

I do get it. The intro is a snippet taken from a film, and you can hear Matthew McCounawhateverhisnameis. But once the introduction is done, it's time for the music. And the melodic music comes at you, and it comes at you hard and fast. Rígur Lárus gets the job done, and the hour and 25 minute long mix is certainly one you will enjoy!

But what's in store for us? Well, these songs:

  1. Pachanga Boys - Poem For The Youth

  2. Tal Fussman - It Was Misunderstood

  3. Imperieux - Ferishtah

  4. Local Dialect - Yaksha (Original Mix)

  5. Nandu - Simple Reflections (Original Mix)

  6. The Ambush - Everlast

  7. Moonwalk - Aries (Original Mix)

  8. Andy Bros - More Code Message

  9. Biesmans - Hipster Paradise

  10. Kapibara - Sable

  11. Jonathan Kaspar - Umfang (Original Mix)

  12. RRoxymore, Aquarian Jugs, Jaguar Woman & Oni Ayhun - DR1-1

  13. Bicep feat Clara La San - Water

  14. Eagles & Butterflies - The Trip (Original Mix)

  15. Salt-N-Pepa - Push It (12" Version)

  16. Fred Again... x Swedish House Mafia feat Future - Turn On The Lights Again

  17. Royksopp - What Else Is There (ARTBAT Remix) (Afterclap Rework)

  18. Corren Cavini - A Crying Synthesizer (Extended Mix)

  19. Earthlife - Never Ending (Original Mix)

  20. Hollt - Mind Escape (Extended Mix)

This is certainly a unique mix filled with songs by artists I've not come across before. But that's the beauty of Soundcloud: click on one mix, and you are greeted with something you've never heard of seen before. And that's the magical thing. This mix I simply came across because someone reposted it.

And even though it is a tad weird, the music itself is great. Blissful and relaxing. I've not got anything negative to mention, at all. And you know why? Because as quirky as it is, it's a brilliant mix. Quality mix, quality songs, quality everything. Rígur Lárus has done a wicked job, and has now made me a follower of him on Soundcloud. I like this 'out of the ordinary' kind of mixes. You never know what to expect, or what feelings it might generate throughout the mix.

Really loved this mix. Suitable for me today. Simply don't know any of the artists, or the songs, or even the one that made this mix, but he's made my day. A very blissful and exciting mix, and what else could you wish for/

Jump on this mix right now, and download it too, if you feel lucky!

DJ: Rígur Lárus

Genre/Style: House, Melodic, Dance

Mix Info: Take #13 - Matthew McCounaugheYEEHAW

Length Mix: 01:25:58

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 196 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2022

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Rudger Troost
Rudger Troost
Oct 18, 2022

It’s McConaugheYEEHAW btw ;)


Rudger Troost
Rudger Troost
Oct 17, 2022

Thanks for the very nice review!


Marnix Mulder
Marnix Mulder
Oct 16, 2022

Sure check all his other mixes, all worth listening 👌🏻

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