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Take #17 - Schwarzen Dystopia (2024)

We are back in the new year with a new mix by Rígur Lárus . This time it is Arnold Schwarzenegger who is on the centre stage. If you are a regular to this site, you know I love a bit of quirkiness in my life, and Rígur Lárus' mixes are certainly that. The first one I found, was back in 2022. Now it's 2024, and it's time for a fresh new start. And even though he isn't my favourite actor (he's not even in the top 100000), the focus today is all about the tracks selected. And it's yet another glorious mix. One that might be a bit of a struggle to listen to today, but I'll get to that in a minute.

I am not a fan of Arnold. The only good film he made, was Terminator. He can only do one voice, and he's well known for his weird phrases, and credit where credit is due, he even became a politician. Which is impressive, to say the least. Don't know if he was a good politician, that's not up to me to decide. But he's done quite a lot, this mister Arnold. And without him knowing, he's now also linked to the dance industry, be it through this mix. His face will always be linked to this wonderful, 2 1/2 hour long mix.

The title is funny, but the mix certainly isn't. This is serious stuff, and remember I said that this mix would not help you today? Well, this is a very mellow and relaxing mix, and today is Friday, so you want something uplifting, something to make the day fly by. This ain't the mix for you, sorry to say. But this could assist you, if you are having a bad day. This will enlighten your mood, and feed your soul with awesome songs.

Rígur Lárus made yet another blinding mix, and the songs are so relaxing, I am nearly drifting away into a deep sleep. This mix is like a pleasant hug by someone you love. You just feel so comfortable and embraced.

But which songs are in this mix? Curious yet?

  1. Emotional Ketchup Burst (EKB) - Mysterious Fireballs

  2. Dan Sushi - Titanium (Extended Mix)

  3. Bob Moses - Enough To Believe (Motives Private Remix)

  4. Xashes - Time After Time (Extended Mix)

  5. Browncoat - Blackout (Original Mix)

  6. Colyn - Rushing

  7. Nikki Nair - Dump Truck

  8. Cary Crank - Lost Highway (Aquiver Remix)

  9. Novakk - Goliath (Original Mix)

  10. Oesha - Nebula (Original Mix)

  11. Alex Lovita - Personal Memory (Atom IE Remix)

  12. Christoph - Come With Me (Extended Mix)

  13. Garsi - Forecast (Original Mix)

  14. Midele, ROMERLIN - Unspoken (Original Mix)

  15. Stil & Bense - Flame Wars (Original Mix)

  16. Sandhog - Accent (Renato Cohen Remix)

  17. Add-Us - Changes

  18. Micropacer - Alte Liebe (Original Mix)

  19. Ridgewalker feat El - Find (Andy Moor Remix)

  20. Oliver Giacomotto - Community (Original Mix)

  21. Stil & Bense feat Lia Paris - Ninfa (Original Mix)

  22. Kennedy One & Shelley Harland feat S.O. - All There Is (Spada Remix)

  23. Enai - This Is A Dream (Undercatt Remix)

  24. Pongo - John Connor (Original Mix)

  25. Nico Morano - Forever Stella (Emanuel Satie Remix)

  26. Huminal - Positive Power (Kasper Koman Remix)

  27. Colyn feat Maurits Colijn - Bridges In The Sky

  28. Estiva - Via Infinita (Marsh Extended Remix)

  29. Ornery & Michael Ritter - Calling (Instrumental Mix)

  30. Nha, Nikki Lore - Celeste

  31. Hidden Empire - Beyond The Realm (Original Mix)

  32. Hollt - Sins Of Orion (Extended Mix)

  33. Raphael Mader - Butterflies

  34. Alex Preda - Voyage To Self (Impulsive)

I've got to give Rígur Lárus credit. This is a mix full of artists I've not heard or seen before. This is a whole new experience for me. Not one name rings a bell. This is a complete unknown tracklist, and I'm loving it. You know why? Because then my focus lies solely on the music. And the music is great.

Today isn't the first day I've listened to this mix. This has been on repeat for days on end, once I was informed that Rígur Lárus uploaded a new mix. It takes a few months, but it's worth the wait. As quirky as the title of the mix is and also the cover image, the mix itself, that's just dope as fuck. It's heavenly, and inspirational.

This mix has got everything you need to hear. House, Trance, Techno, and it's just a pleasant experience throughout. 2 1/2 hours fly by, and you feel so relaxed, you want to immediately listen to it again. The songs are carefully mixed together, after an extensive selection process, and the outcome is a wonderful mix. So far it's my favourite mix of 2024, and we are only 26 days into the new year.

Only love and appreciation for Rígur Lárus. He's done it again, and all 34 records are beautiful. Very melodic songs, but that's what I like. Not always, but this week it's been on my mind constantly. And I've been thinking and talking about Arnold a lot. Maybe a bit too much.

Just sit back, and enjoy this mix. It's a very pleasant journey he is taking us on.

Not everything is FUBAR. This mix certainly isn't.

DJ: Rígur Lárus

Genre/Style: Melodic Techno, Tech House, Trance, House

Mix Info: Take #17 - Schwarzen Dystopia

Length Mix: 02:21:14

Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 323 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2024

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