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TCD Top 5 06-11-2019

It's that time again. Our top 5 of today. And for our list today, we've got a few special records planned. Some you are aware of, some you've never even heard of, and some you just wished you never even heard of. The good, the bad, and the ugly, all in one short list. It's up to you to decide why you think they are great, alright, and just pure shit. Or bagger in Dutch. But it's a wide range of genre/styles, so I do hope you enjoy them.

I'm not know as narrow minded. I love literally every kind of music. Just not K-Pop, or just anything pop related. And Dutch folklore. That's just sheer garbage from the highest order. But some might dislike my enthusiasm for Terror music, or even Hardcore. Or what about Bassline music? Or Trance? What's so special about that? Well, we are all different and unique, and sometimes you just have to accept that there are others out there with a different kind of taste. And I'm one of them.

If you look at my Soundcloud player, it will astonish you. Let me just name the styles of the last few mixes on there: Bassline, Uptempo Hardcore, Trance, Early Trance, Freeform, Hard House, Dubstep, Hardstyle, Trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Jungle, and it continues like that. That's me. My player is always on, and I just the fact that I can skip to the next record, and it can be something completely different. So for example: one record has got 180 BPM, and the next goes to 125 BPM. And I'm still having a blast!

Enjoy this list. Open your ears, and up the volume! Enjoy the madness!

01. E-De Cologne - Kill 4 Jesus (1996) : Hardcore

2. Spark7 & Thomas Decolita - ID 22 (2011) : Progressive Trance

3. Amerie - One Thing (Burgaboy & TRC Remix) (XXXX) : Bassline / 4x4

4. Drokz - This Is Dedication (2019) : Terror / Hardcore

5. Push - Strange World (Andrew Bayer Remix) (2016) : Trance

and one special record to add as a bonus, seeing as you are all BPM freaks!!!!

X. Kill Your Mother - Jesus Must Die (1996) : Hardcore

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