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TCD TOP 5 13-06-2019

When I said this was going to be a bi-weekly item, I lied. It turns out I only do it once a month, so let's do this once a month, and if I don't follow it up, then we call it a day. But for now I've got 5 brilliant records from Youtube. The best location (besides Soundcloud) to find music. But this month it's going to be a tad weird, but would you have expected anything else from someone who has the word 'Crazy' in his blog title?

Youtube has been my source for excellent music, music from my childhood. I grew up listening to literally everything. Never knew the meaning behind the lyrics (I never listen to the lyrics, must be a weird thing, a medical defect), but the whole picture is what grabbed me. Some records I listened to back then have got a deeper meaning, deeper than I expected. Suicide? Racism? Drug use? Messed up family?

You might be wondering what kind of youth I had, listening to this darker music? Well, I think it's normal. But again, it's the whole picture that grabbed me, lyrics never got to me. But in 2019 a few songs hit me, and they hit me hard. Even the Spice Girls were singing about having sex, and I NEVER KNEW!

Enjoy June's finest Youtube finds. These are my favourite records. Enjoy them, and hunt for your own favourite records. I'm guessing that Youtube must have a few for you, and it will be nostalgic.

1. PARIS - The Devil Made Me Do It (1990)

2. DJ Buzz Fuzz - Lighthouse Keeper (1998)

3. Rammstein - Mutter (2002)

4. The Horrorist - One Night In New York City (Uncensored) (2000)

5. Korn - Falling Away From Me (1999)

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