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TCD TOP 5 18-05-2019

We are trying something new. Something exciting. Or maybe just plain stupid. It has been done before, on millions of websites, but TCD has never jumped the bandwagon. Now the time has changed, and I think it's important that we start it today. Our Top 5 list, containing the finest records TCD could find on the world wide web. And the first edition of our (bi) weekly list will focus on my favourite songs/CDs/mixes on YouTube,the world's biggest platform for music, and other bullshit.

We all know what YouTube is, and we have all spent at least a few hours a week, watching videos on YouTube, or even making videos. I'm not a YouTuber, I don't like videoing myself: you wouldn't ask Quasimodo to do a selfie, do you? And what to say? I've got nothing to say, my life is as boring as you would expect it. I only use YouTube for my own entertainment, and music is the main focus.

So what can you expect in this list? Well, it's not the top 5 records you will find on the charts right now. Or could be. Maybe it does contain records which are hot now, or were back in 1989, or were never hot, and are obscure. Maybe you've never even seen or heard of this video before, and only because of TCD you are made aware of it. And that's exactly what I want to do. I want you to know the 5 records that are doing it for me right now.

It could be literally everything. From Hardcore Techno to Trance, from Drum & Bass to Mellow, from Jazz to Speedcore. Whatever floats my boat. I've got weird moments when I go on YouTube, and sometimes my whole search history contains for example 'Jazz' music, but the week after I'm back into the Gabber world. I'm not predicatble.

So will I explain each record and what it does to me? Nope. I will certainly not. These records are ALL my favourites of this week. Next week (or the week after) my list will contain maybe still the same records, or different ones. All that might change. It still a concept I'm really trying here now, it could be a flop. Or it could just work. We don't know. We will try, and hopefully succeed.

1. Gab - You Better Watch Yourself (Happy Hardcore)

2. 4 Tune Fairytales - My Little Fantasy (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix) (Happy Hardcore)

3. Da Goose - Men Of Steel (Techno)

4. Pino D'Ambino feat Beasty Boy - Do It (Hektik) (Hardcore)

5. Sefa & Nosferatu - Killer Beat (Uptempo Hardcore)

Let us know in the comments if this section is worth it, or extremely boring. We do listen to feedback, so if this only reaches 3 people and no-one else, we will not commence any longer. But if this could bloom into something beautiful, we will and shall continue.

We would also listen to suggestion, maybe a different top 5 every so often, or maybe focus on one style each time? Your rules, your game.

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