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TCD Top 5 21-08-2019

We are back! Yes, we are! It's been a while, and no-one reads this anyway, but if you are, I am truly grateful that you are still interested in my personal f**ked up Top 5. It's not an official list, it's not like anything else you will find on the world wide web: this is my personal list. This list contains records I'm loving at the moment. And this week I'm going all out: Youtube AND Soundcloud links! How about that, eh? That's something else!

I do find these all round the web. And seeing as I was a huge CD collector back in the late 90s and early 00s, I do reminisce. Sometimes a song just hits me, even though I'm not hearing it. I do have this craving, this urge, to hear a record. And it started with a record by Kesj & Donut. This lead up to me thinking about the hugely shite collection that was released by Mecado, the worst of the worst label ever. Scum of the Earth. Lowlife people, only focussed on making money, and in doing so, slowly destroying Hardcore. Some compilations were successful, but again, it's not the record company I supported, I supported the music.

One record immediately sprung to mind: 2 Rough - I'm A Ruffneck. That's on the list. It was on one of those top 100 shit CDs. And one song lead up to the next. So this list is focussed on my youth: when I rocked the streets with my walkman CD player with unskippable protection (unskippable? my arse). I was the coolest. And this list will hopefully make you smile and take you back to when you were young.

Bring back the good ol' Hardcore sound. Why has it disappeared? Fuck.

1. Flamman & Abraxas - Keep Looking, You'll Find Me (1997)

2. 2 Rough - I'm A Ruffneck (1997)

3. DJ XD - Harder Than Hell (1996)

4. Evil Force - On And On (Original Mix) (1996)

5. Cixx vs The Vinyl Junkie - My Style (Freestyle Mix) (1998)


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