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TCD Top 5 23-01-2020

I know, I know, I shouldn't be even typing this top 5. From today onwards I will be offline for a few days/weeks due to pending surgery. Not going to bore you with any details, but it's expected, and well overdue. Today is an important day, so let's finish the reviewing bit on a high note. A top 5 you weren't expecting from me, with a few plot twists you did not expect. A bit like Midsommer Murder, but better.

What I mean by plot twists, is that I've added records that have Dutch spoken lyrics in here. And you all know that I normally detest that. Not a fan of my own mother tongue. It's not a sexy language, like French is, or Italian. But yesterday I got into the Dutch vibe, and cannot be taken out of it. So how did that happen?

I went onto Youtube and listened to Sound Rush's set again from last year's X-Qlusive Holland. And obviously, it being focussed on the Netherlands, contained shit loads of Dutch spoken lyric songs in here. But here's the twist: not all records of this top 5 have Dutch lyrics. See what I've done here? Twist after twist. A proper mindfuck.

Here's my top 5 of 23-01-2020. When I still had 2 kidneys when I woke up. See you guys and girls later! Enjoy my top 5 as much as I have!

01. Atmozfears & Soud Rush - Together As One (2019)

02. Sound Rush feat Frans Duijts - Gezelligheid Kent Geen Spijt (X-Qlusive Holland 2019 Anthem)

03. Topmodelz - Your Love (Atmozfears & Sound Rush Remix) (2019)

04. Abel - Onderweg (Sound Rush & RVB Remix) (2016)

05. Marco Borsato - Dromen Zijn Bedrog (Sound Rush X-Qlusive Holland Remix) (2019)

And as a side note: these are all taken from Soundcloud, not from the original producer/remixer. Please do support your artists, and purchase the records via the usual channels. Do not RIP or steal music. This is just a list of records, not to force anyone to do anything dodgy. This is just to remind you all these records excist. Purchase them via the cool channels. Artists do need our support.

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