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TCD Top 5 26-07-2019

This re-occurring feature is back! Have you missed it? If you have, you are the only one. But hey ho, let's talk about music instead of me focussing on myself and asking for self pity. Music is much more important, and this week I've found a few amazing records. And guess what? They are not what you are expecting of me.

Well, maybe one record I had to add, because it's one big anthem at the moment. But the others are obscure, underground, or just filthy records. We've gone hard this week, no rock, pop, or anything soft. TCD loves his music hard, so to choose these few is an obvious choice.

Please be advised that a few of these records are using the Dutch language as their lyrics, so you might not understand the meaning behind it. I do apologise for this. But I'm still Dutch, and have an orange heart until the day I die. So sometimes I've got to go back to my roots, and have a laugh and giggle. Especially when the songs are so dumb, they become classic anthems!

Here's my top 5 of today! Hope to see you around when the next top 5 is presented!

1. STTRBSTN - Steeds Verrassend Altijd Voordelig (Kruidvat Fissastyle Tool) (2018)

2. Ome Riesch - Een Beetje Spuug (Dokter Janssen Remix) (2017)

3. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz x Sleazy - Piep Kicks (2019)

4. Transcend & Cyrax - Follow Me (2018)

5. Headhunterz feat Sian Evans - Orange Heart (2019)

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