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Technikore - End Of 2018 Mix

I wanted to say that 2018 was Technikore's year, but I would be lying. Since he emerged onto the UK Hardcore scene, EVERY year has been Technikore's year. It's been an interesting few years for Technikore, if truth be told. I can remember going onto his website and downloading his HTID mix a long time ago, and now he's part of the well established order, leading the way towards a brighter future for us UK Hardcore lovers. And I'm proud to say that his 'EOY' mix is one you need to check out. It's a mix that does Technikore justice!

I can't remember when I last downloaded a Technikore mix, but it wasn't that long ago: it contained a lot of these records you will find in his EOY mix. And I don't know what it is, but he is on FIRE! If you have been living in a cave and missed out on what this man has been releasing, you will be in for a shock! He's taking UK Hardcore to the next level, a level I really appreciate. It's focussed on two major styles: UK Hardcore and EDM. Cram them together, and you get what Technikore is making. And this nicely balanced music is just picture perfect!

The tracklist is a thing of beauty. If you don't appreciate Technikore, please leave this Earth. But if you do, and you haven't checked this monster mix out yet, sit back and enjoy it, as much as I have!

01. Technikore & JTS - Careless

02. Technikore - 4AM

03. Nicholson feat Niki Mak - To The Flame (Technikore Remix)

04. Technikore & JTS - Holdin' On

05. Technikore - Arsonist 2018

06. Technikore feat Nathalie - Calling Out To You (Redux)

07. Avaxx feat Kate Wild - Surrender (Technikore Remix)

08. Technikore x HORUTUNA - 4Ever

09. Technikore & JTS - In My Face

10. Access 3 - Promised Land (Technikore Remix)

11. S3RL - Pretty Rave Girl (Suae x Technikore Remix)

12. Technikore & Ravine - Freakz

13. Technikore & JTS - This Mind Of Mine

14. Technikore - Gang Beasts 2018

15. Akkadia - Clouds Above (Technikore x Suae Remix)

16. Technikore & Vicky Fee - Stay Forever

17. Technikore - Stavkroa 2018 (Start It Over)

18. Technikore & Mike Reverie - Losing Myself

19. Technikore feat Emi - Just Be 2.0

20. Darren Styles - Satellite (Technikore & JTS Remix)

21. Technikore feat Lindsey Marie - Nervous

22. Technikore - Magic

23. Technikore - Hyperspace 2018

Is it wrong of me to say that Technikore is part of the elite? Maybe even better than the elite. Yes, Darren Styles and Gammer are amazing, but Technikore rules. These two legends have got a different take on music, which many appreciate, but for me Technikore remains someone focussed on UK Hardcore. And I like that slightly more. And production wise he's on spot!

In this mix he used records made by himself, and also a few collaborations with artists such as Ravine, Mike Reverie, JTS, Suae, and more. One re-occuring theme is vocals. He loves vocals, and so do we. Things also need to stay uplifting: no dark and nasty stuff, with irrelevant drops and basses so nasty, it will make me soil myself. The music he's making keeps me on my feet, and makes me rave even harder! I think that's his goal as a producer: keep everyone raving. And he does exactly that!

This mix is short. Only 47 minutes long. So don't expect records to be played 4 or 5 minutes. Max 2 minutes. But within those 2 minutes you want to move furniture away, put the stroboscopes on, and create your own living room rave! Fucking hell, he keeps us entertained for those 47 minutes. He does it ALWAYS!

I can only find one tiny thing wrong with it: the S3RL record. I've tried many times, but I can't seem to understand his music. Sorry S3RL, no fan of the cheese.

Obviously I'm still going to give this 5 out of 5 stars. Why? Because this mix is EPIC, and so is everything that Technikore does. And what I'm about to say right now might cause a stir within the scene, but he's number 1. Move over everyone else, Technikore is number 1. If the Hardcore Heaven awards would take place this year, he would win every award!

Best record? 'To The Flame'. Niki Mak's vocals are simply superb!

DJ: Technikore

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore

Mix Info: End Of 2018 Mix

Length Mix: 00:47:25

Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 108 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

More Information: Technikore - Soundcloud Page

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