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I know, I know. This has been reviewed before. But I couldn't let this one go by without letting you know of its existence. But there's more I discovered today, for which I have missed all the signs. But that to come later. For now, let's talk about TAFKAMP and the Strobe mix he made for them 4 years ago. 4 years ago I discovered TAFKAMP, and my whole life changed. Seriously, it changed. That's when I came to the UK, and when my illness started to creep up on me. The funny thing was, that the intro suited me sooo well, you wouldn't believe it. I actually had cysts removed (and now my whole kidney is gone), but it always made me smile, this fucked up intro.

But it's not all about cysts. It's about Techno. And Techno, ladies and gentlemen, is awesome. Filth. Sexy. Rude. Hard. Lovely. You can use literally any word you want, and it describes Techno. But one word sticks on my mind, and suits the style more than any other: timeless. That's what Techno is. If you look at TAFKAMP's mix, it's a mix and match of old and new and whatever he could find. And he even ends on a harder and faster paced note. I'm loving this a lot.

The 'secret' I uncovered, is who's behind TAFKAMP. I literally had no clue, no idea. I thought it was a weirdo making music on old Roland equipment in his attic. A zolderkamer producer. But he definately isn't. But you might be wondering: who's the stranger behind the name? Who's responsible for this mix? Well, I am not telling you. Use the power of the internet to find it out.

The mix. Tracklist. Yep, it's on its way!

01. Overcast - Cyst Sandwich

02. Schmerzlabor - Car Audio Test Track

03. Kraftwerk - It's More Fun To Compute

04. Unit Moebius - Beat That Perculator

05. T-Bone Castro - Hilltop Hustler (I'm The One & Only)

06. Altern-8 - Move My Body (Hard Hardcore Mix)

07. The Mover - Waves Of Life

08. TAFKAMP - Nothingness

09. The Mover - The Emperor Takes Place

10. TAFKAMP - Trauner

11. Fast Money - One $

12. Terrace - Untitled (B3)

13. The Horrorist - Mission Ecstasy

14. TAFKAMP - Fictief

15. Terrace - Trance Xpress

16. Fallbeil - Brutal Ignorant

17. Muslimgauze - Untitled 1985

18. Hibbem Soundsystem - High Coos (Alternative Studio Mix)

19. Kraftwerk - Numbers

20. Bierkoerier - High Have It

21. Legowelt - Electro Race

22. LFO - Whistle While You Jerk

23. Synthadelic - I'm A Secretary

24. DJ Pierre - Box Energy (AFX 2 Remix)

25. Unknown Artist - Countdown FFM V (A2)

26. Bald Terror - Rotterdam

27. Signs Of Chaos - Killout 3 (A2)

A well thought of tracklist. It's not easy to make a mix that lives on the border of perfection, but with the right tracks you are capable of doing anyting. And TAFKAMP's selection is truly astonishing. What makes it stranger is the fact that he blends several styles into one, seamlessly sounding mix, and it all just sound epic. He even managed to cram in a few oldskool rave anthems, Hardcore/Gabber anthems, and the result is something he should be proud of.

Some of the records selected are truly amazing. Weird, yes, but amazing. How did he find these gems? Who the fuck would made a record and call it 'Whistle While You Jerk'? That's just crazy. But I'm loving the weird vibes surrounding this mix. I'm feeling this. It's nice and mellow, if truth be told. It's a nice and relaxing hour and 3 minute long mix. TAFKAMP is a hero, and that's no exaggeration.

Don't know why the original mix was taken down, but thankfully TAFKAMP uploaded it 2 years ago again onto his Soundcloud page. And if you are looking for a weird but exciting page, do not look any further. TAFKAMP is cool, ladies and gentlemen. He is uber cool. Not uber as in the driver, uber, But even cooler.

Best record of this mix? I have to give credit to 'Rotterdam' by Bald Terror. I love the transition from the previous and next track, and this monster anthem. Underrated classic anthem. Loving it.

A weird concept, this TAFKAMP. But I love it. I hope this mix stays long enough on Soundcloud, so I can show this to my grankids, and say 'grandad was a freak, and listened to this, you know', whilst eating a Werther's Original.


Genre/Style: Techno, Dark Techno, Hardcore


Length Mix: 01:03:23

Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown More Information: TAFKAMP - Soundcloud Page

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