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The Outside Agency @ Estentorian Podcast 5 (29-8-2021)

If you talk about Industrial Hardcore, you will immediately talk about The Outside Agency. This Dutch DJ and producer duo have been on people's radar since the mid 90s. And they have capture a sound so beautifully, and created new sounds too. They have become known for their hard and rough records, and sets. Their history in the Hardcore scene is quite interesting and long, so if you want to know a bit more about The Outside Agency, you can Wikipedia them, and find some more background information and more release information.

But let's focus on the now, the present day. And only a handful of days ago their podcast mix for the EstentorianPodcast series had been uploaded (2 days before my birthday, what a treat was that!). I am sadly not aware of this podcast series, or who/what is behind it, but it has already had a few wicked guns mixes in the last 7 months by artists such as DJ Execrate, Hard Infantry, Plague, Hellcreator, The Outside Agency, and only 2 days ago Akira's mix was dropped. So quite a good line up of podcasts so far, right?

I do appreciate their music, and have been following them for a lot of years now, and it's nice to see a full on The Outside Agency mix with only their own records in it. If you have been a tad out of the loop in regards to their tunes, you have got a lot to catch up upon. And this mix could be a good reintroduction? And also have a wicked time, of course? You want to start off slow, and reach a speed previously never heard before?

Let me show you the tracklist. You must have a craving for this tracklist, yes?

  1. The Outside Agency - DMT

  2. The Outside Agency & Ophidian - The Shadows

  3. The Outside Agency & Ophidian - Church Of The Silence

  4. The Outside Agency & Ophidian - The Silence

  5. The Outside Agency - The Machinery Of Acid (Acid Only Takeout)

  6. The Outside Agency - Submerger

  7. The Outside Agency & Deathmachine - Just Noise

  8. The Outside Agency - I Saw My Grave

  9. The Outside Agency & N-Vitral - The Ultimate Hunter

  10. Angerfist - The Perfect Fury (The Outside Agency Remix)

  11. The Outside Agency - The Legacy Of Cain

  12. The Outside Agency - Industrial Cooking Spray

  13. The Outside Agency - The Solution

  14. The Outside Agency - Cautionary Tale

  15. The Outside Agency - Primitive

  16. The Outside Agency & N-Vitral - Sam's Gospel

  17. The Outside Agency - More Primitive

  18. The Outside Agency - Centipedes & Sentinels

  19. The Outside Agency - Backpack Wisdom VIP

  20. The Outside Agency - The Kid With The Golden Axe

  21. The Outside Agency - The Flux Capacitor

  22. Nasenbluten - Airstrikes (The Outside Agency Remix)

  23. The Outside Agency - The Wandering Mind

This is one splendid and superb looking tracklist, and the mix is as glorious as you want it to be. The Outside Agency might have created one of the most boring tracklist to type, but the actual records are fucking amazing. The start of this mix puts you right in the mood, and you are immediately submerged into the wonderful world of TOA.

There are simply too many good records to choose from. I cannot pick just one. Obviously 'The Silence' is a good anthem to get the dance floors smashed to bits. But for me 'DMT' and 'The Wandering Mind' are the two finest of this mix. All the others maintain this darker and satanic sound (how else can you describe this, eh?). It is Industrial Hardcore at its finest. It is raw, rough, and ear bleedingly fantastic!

Mixing wise this mix is superb. No errors whatsoever, but were you expecting errors? Nah, me neither. TOA do deliver top quality records and mixes, and this one is no exception.

The only thing I can say is, make sure you check out this set, and follow EstentorianPodcast series on Soundcloud for more excellent mixes. A fucking good start of the weekend. Put the volume way up in the green (not in the red, are you mad?), and go nuts in your living room. Let TOA take you to the darker depths of hell and back!

Act: The Outside Agency

Genre/Style: Industrial Hardcore, Crossbreed

Mix Info: The Outside Agency @ EstentorianPodcast 5 (29-8-2021)

Length Mix: 00:59:59

Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 151,6 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz


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