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I've been quiet for the last few days, but that's only because I've been slightly busy. Not doing nothing, but I've been working my ass off. To accompany me throughout the day, I ALWAYS listen to music, and since The Prophet has been announcing his retirement a few months ago, and also the announcement of albums being released (I think they have been released by the time you read this review), I've been into this mood. Not a bad mood. More like a melancholic mood. As sad as I am for the fact that he's retiring, at least he is to be remembered for his music. And his music has been great for many years, many decades to be fair....

He's been a legend since the early 90s, and have meant a lot to the Hardcore fanatics. Active as a DJ in the 80s, but to the gabber community he became this big artist back in 1991. His The Prophet alias wasn't the only one had, and it's something I've only discovered recently how many he had (here's a few of them): The Masochist, Carlos Masseratti, Commotion, Cookiemunsta, Dopeman, George Washington, Nina Feranzano, Pineapple Jack, The Washington Affair, and more. Maybe the one that I heard the first, was the alias 'The Rose'. But yeah, the name The Prophet got stuck, and since the early 90s he's been giving us so many memorable dancefloor anthems.

During the 30+ years in the music scene he's been through a lot, and you can hear his music developing itself into the one we fell in love with at a later stage during the 90s. He had his own 'sound', his own 'style', but when he started in the House scene, he obviously had to develop himself as a producer, and in this mix (which is 4+ hours long), you can hear him grow into this superstar producer.

This mix wasn't made by The Prophet himself, but another superstar DJ and producer. You might recognise the name DJ Promo, yes? 6 years ago he made two absolute monster mixes: one for The Prophet, and the other for DJ Dano. And you know you will experience something beautiful, when it's a DJ Promo made mix. 73 records, 4 1/2 hour long mix, and the finest records made by Dov Elkabas, a.k.a. The Prophet.

Now comes the daunting task of typing the tracklist. Hopefully you'll appreciate it... well, here we go!

  1. Collage - Steady Pounding

  2. Avantguarde - The Source

  3. IQ - Voodoo

  4. The Prophet - I Get Hyped

  5. The Prophet - Dundee

  6. The Rose - Butterly's

  7. Carlos Maserati - Close Up

  8. The Prophet - Spirits Of Soul

  9. The Prophet - Feel It

  10. The Prophet - Roll The Place

  11. The Prophet - I Love You

  12. Doobey - We're Here

  13. The Prophet & Mad Dog - Skaos

  14. The Prophet - Live Together

  15. Marquiz De Sade - S.O.A.B.

  16. The Prophet & Omar Santana - Old To The New

  17. The Prophet - Catch Me In Your Dream

  18. Vitamin - Muffin' In Mokum

  19. The Prophet - 4 Buffalo's

  20. The Prophet - IC The Future

  21. The Prophet - Eternity Has Passed

  22. The Prophet - Cyberzone

  23. The Prophet - GOD

  24. The Prophet - Cops

  25. The Prophet & Buzz Fuzz - Go Get Ill

  26. The Prophet & Delirium - The Way You Make Me Feel

  27. Vitamin - The Point

  28. Buzz Fuzz - Summertime (The Prophet Remix)

  29. The Prophet - Allright Now Here We Go

  30. Jean Sibart & Joel Trambel - Right Is Wrong

  31. 50% Of The Dreamteam - B With U

  32. The Prophet - Mayhem MF

  33. The Prophet - The Breaks

  34. The Dreamteam - Be Strong

  35. The Prophet - I Wanna Rock Ya

  36. The Prophet - Big Boys Don't Cry

  37. The Prophet - Rock Steady

  38. The Washington Affair - Get Down And...

  39. Viva Vivaldi - The Summer

  40. The Prophet - With Your Love

  41. The Washington Affair - Should I Say Fuck It

  42. The Prophet - Spiral

  43. The Prophet - What Iz Life?

  44. The Prophet - The Thunder Anthem (Dance Or Die)

  45. The Prophet - The Fucked Up Sound

  46. The Prophet - Out On The Streets

  47. The Prophet & Delirium - Da Boomin' Bass

  48. Commotion - Tutti Frutti

  49. 50% Of The Dreamteam - Bullshit

  50. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (The Prophet Remix)

  51. The Prophet - Turn It Up

  52. The Prophet - Dominatin'

  53. The Prophet - The Holy Grale

  54. The Prophet - Party Children

  55. Carlos Maserati - Get On The Move (Hardcore Mix)

  56. Critical Mass - Burning Love (The Prophet Remix)

  57. The Prophet - Lunatic

  58. The Prophet - I Like It Loud

  59. The Prophet & Delirium - Keep Your Body Pumpin'

  60. The Prophet - That Body

  61. The Dreamteam - Strictly Core (Move It)

  62. The Prophet - Peptalkin'

  63. The Prophet - House Time

  64. Cookiemunsta - De Egotrip (Ikke)

  65. The Prophet - The Dreamtheme

  66. The Prophet - The Sound He Makes

  67. Bata - The Shoeshineman

  68. Cookiemunsta - Madness Insanity

  69. The Prophet - I Am The Magnificent

  70. Pineapple Jack - What I Want

  71. Cookiemunsta - Cook&Curry

  72. 50% Of The Dreamteam - The Thundertheme

  73. The Prophet - Pump Up The Volume

Only with mixes like this one do you really establish how GOOD an artist is, and how many excellent and memorable anthems he has made. The Prophet is certainly one name that is legendary, and his status remains untouched. Since the early 90s he's given us many excellent Hardcore anthems, and they are timeless classics. So many of these 73 songs are classics, wouldn't you agree?

It is admirable to hear all these tunes. The Prophet has left a legacy behind, a legacy he should (and probably will) be proud of. It is really important to underline the importance of him as a producer for the scene, and what he has made over the years. His productions have been growing on me for years. Well, I was a fan of Hardcore in general in the 90s, but now I start to develop more of an affection for certain artists, knowing their importance and their strength and what their music did for me. And The Prophet is certainly one artist I really appreciate.

Does that mean every single record was a hit? No. And a few of the songs in this mix aren't certainly The Prophet's finest songs. But during the 90s he was constantly evolving, and you can certainly hear that in this appreciation mix. He had to fabricate a 'The Prophet' sound, and once he did that, he made it his own, and expand it as much as possible. That distinctive sound got better and better, but yeah, not always were his songs a success.

But that's only a handful of times, when I really didn't appreciate his songs. Maybe it's his early work, the songs pre Thunderdome 8. Some are really good, and some aren't. His best work was around Thunderdome 12, the one with the spider on it.

But let's not forget his Housy music. My God, the first few songs in this mix are really ace! And some could be seen as timeless classics. Could his House songs be better than his Hardcore songs?

Nah, not for me. As much as I appreciate the House sound, I appreciate his Hardcore sound more. And there are a few songs in here I adore to this day, and until the end of days. 'Mayhem MF', 'Pessa Pessa', and probably the most underrated song ever, 'Roll The Place'. That certainly deserves more credit.

DJ Promo did a marvellous job, and his mix is ace. Can't give him any negative feedback for this mix, as 4 1/2 hours of mixing can be strenuous, but he pulled it off. He made it, and 19.3k+ plays so far. All this love for the man behind many glorious 90s anthems, the man who shaped the scene into this glorious thing. The Prophet. The legend. Maybe even GOD?

Step into your weekend with this monster mix, if you haven't heard it already....

DJ: Promo

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, House, Early Hardcore, Early Rave, Techno


Length Mix: 04:22:39

Tracks: 73 (seventy-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 601 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kps

Release Year: 2016

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