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The Sound Of Rotterdam Volume II - Hardcore Will Never Die (1993)

From talking about Robbie Williams to talking about another word that starts with the letter R: Rotterdam. I am not from Rotterdam (far from it: South Limburg to be precise), just to make you all aware. But during the 90s, the city of Rotterdam played a huge part in the Hardcore scene. They weren't the only major city in the Netherlands that made Hardcore bigger and better, but certainly one of the originators and pioneers, that's 100% the truth. Starting in the early 90s, they released record after record, and some have become cult classics, and have cemented their place in the Hardcore scene.

During the early 90s, I was too young to understand the difference between Hardcore from Rotterdam and Amsterdam. I was only a teenager, and wasn't into the whole debate as to which city meant the most, etc. For me, if it was Hardcore, it was Hardcore. Now, with me being slightly older, I can hear the difference between music from R'dam and A'dam. Blame it on my ignorance, my youthfulness.

I didn't even have a lot of money to spend on CDs. Always relied on my mum purchasing CDs for me, because my weekly allowance wasn't sufficient enough. 50 guilders for a CD was quite expensive, if you were a wee young lad. Once I got a job and a proper salary, my money went on buying a lot of CDs. But I missed out on many CDs, including the one I only found today.

An album released in 1993 by Rotterdam Records? Never heard or seen this album before, nor heard the songs that are on this album. Quite an obscure album with a lot of obscure anthems. But which ones I might hear you say? Well, these:

  1. Holy Noise - Hardcore Will Never Die (Club Mix)

  2. Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - Bitch

  3. Short Circuit - Attack

  4. Euromasters - Everybody Clap Your Hands

  5. The Nightraver - Noise

  6. Neophyte - 210 Rotterdam

  7. DJ Paul - Straight Outta Rotterdam

  8. DJ Git Hyper & DJ Paul - Free Mess

  9. Evil Maniax - Powerful Impact

  10. The Nightraver - We Are From....

  11. Salient Odessey - Let's Go

  12. Short Circuit - Mechanic

  13. De Kuipkanjers - Hand In Hand, Gabbers

  14. Speed Soul Brothers - Going Down

  15. Sub Zero - Let's Go

  16. A Bald Lunatic - Bloodthursty

  17. Speed Brother - Hardcore Sexual Interface

  18. S.O.A. - Schollevaar Feelings

This is certainly a CD filled with songs I've never heard before! This is no joke, these are as unknown to me as the answer 'is the universe unending?' I know the artists (most of them), but never heard these songs before. And that's good! Something new and exciting to listen to. Something nearly 30 years old, but fresh in my ears!

Quick side note: I had a browse on Discogs, and found out that behind the name S.O.A. was Ferry Corsten (and a few others). Yes, Ferry made Hardcore music too! You didn't know that, did you?

Back to the CD. There are some underrated songs on here, and also a few stinkers. Some so unique, and not suitable for the present day Hardcore scene. Or overshadowed by the biggest tunes released by the artists (think of Holy Noise, Euromasters, etc). Some are just extremely dreadful (like Hand In Hand, Gabbers), it's just too damn painful to listen to. But they are time period correct: this was the kind of music people listened to during the first few years in the 90s.

Those that did keep me on my toes, were both songs by The Nightraver. I only know his biggest song 'So', but these two are really great. And they blow my speakers up, and that's wha tI wanted to hear. And the bassline in 'We Are From....', so 90s sounding! Don't hear that anymore.

Was this a great album? Not the best album released on Rotterdam Records. But you've got to remember: this was all during the first few years after Hardcore was made, so everything was still in the development stage, so people were experimenting. But a cool addition to people's CD collection, that's for sure!

Artist: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber,

CD Info: The Sound Of Rotterdam Volume II - Hardcore Will Never Die

Length CD: 01:15:26

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Release Year: 1993

Label: Rotterdam Records

Product Number: ROT024

More Information: -----------------

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