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The Technicians - December 2022 - Over 90mins of Techno/Trance....

Happy New Year to all! I hope 2023 will be a great year for us all. We've earned it. And I hope that the end of 2022 was a great one for you all. Hence why I was off for a few days: I've taken the time off to relax, and prepare myself for 2023. My work restarted again, as blogger, and also my standard job. So I needed a break, but now I'm back, and 2023 looks great, in my honest opinion. Why, you might be wondering? Well, because the first mix you are about to listen to, is a great one. And it's one done by The Technicians, which is weird, because for my normal day-to-day job I always speak to technicians... so work haunts me, even when I'm doing reviews..

And from the first second to now, which is roughly 8 hours later, I've been listening to this mix. It's been on a loop. And I've enjoyed every second of it. It's full of Tech Trance/Hard Trance/Trance/Techno anthems, and they are all glorious. All mixed together beautifully by The Technicians. It was uploaded roughly a month ago, and I had it stored under my favourites, to review at a later stage, but now I found the right day for it: a Wednesday when we definitely need some oomph to get us through the rest of the week.

I love myself a good, solid mix. One that only improves when it starts again, and repeats itself over and over throughout the day. And today was a challenging day for me. Doing twenty things at the same time, that's certainly not beneficial. So I needed something 'calm' yet motivational, and voila: The Technicians to the rescue. Thanks to these brothers (they are, according to their Soundcloud channel) I am now bouncing up and down, really buzzing.

Do you want to experience some buzzing and bouncing too? Check out this tracklist:

  1. Intro

  2. Christian Smith - Stratosphere (Ronnie Spiteri Remix) (The Technicians Intro Edit)

  3. Airwolf Paradise - Don't Hurt Me Baby (The Technicians Bootleg)

  4. Uncertain - Renegade (The Technicians Edit)

  5. Eli Brown - Can't Stop The Feeling

  6. Tony Romanello - Higher (The Technicians Edit)

  7. Jay Lumen - Bring The Dish

  8. D.Mongalos - Raveline (The Technicians Edit)

  9. Filterheadz - Metaphysical

  10. Uto Karem - Bang Bang

  11. Rudaki - Astana

  12. The Yellowheads & HL GRMS - Silence

  13. Pinto (NYC) - Dangerous (The Technicians Edit)

  14. Billy Hendrix - Body Shine (Will Rees Extended Remix)

  15. ID - ID

  16. Hardwell - Godd

  17. Jordan Suckley - Palermo

  18. Gary Beck - I Like It

  19. Will Atkinson - Seventh Heaven (Alex Di Stefano Extended Remix)

  20. Hil-Lo & DJ Deeon - WANNA GO BANG (Mixing The Vocal)

  21. Will Atkinson - Telescope (Maddix Extended Remix)

  22. Fred Again x Swedish House Mafia - Turn On The Lights Again (Maddix Remix)

  23. Casey Rasch - Double Life

  24. Susana - Darkside Of The Moon (Stoneface & Terminal Dark Extended Mix)

  25. Giacomo Stallone - Locomotive

  26. Mark Sherry - The Release

The tracklist doesn't move me as much as it should, but listening to the mix it certainly does MOVE me. The music is fucking solid, and hard as nails when required. I've not heard of The Technicians before, but after hearing this mix (for the 6th time today), I am a fan. And if you are new to The Technicians too, let this mix be some kind of introduction, a showcase of what they are capable of, as this mix contains a few of their own edits. So worth checking out.

I can talk for hours, but let's not. The Technicians mix is really a dope as fuck one, and one that you need to listen to, with big ass monitors, and neighbours to annoy. Or just play it in your car, and turn it the fuck up. Blow those speakers and eardrums, who cares? YOLO!

The vibe throughout this mix is solid. You just want to burst out into a dance, and you don't want it ever to stop. The tunes are just beyond belief, especially the track called 'Raveline'. Wow, I just went back in time, and I felt like a teenager again. That is truly a wicked edit, and worth being played out loud in the clubs, all over the UK, and also all over the world.

The Technicians have certainly fixed my issue. I woke up tired, and now I'm sitting here, hyped as fuck. It could also be because I had a few coffees and energy drinks... who knows?

One mix you should certainly check out! It won't disappoint you, trust me!

DJ: The Technicians

Genre/Style: Trance, Techno, Tech Trance, Hard Trance,

Mix Info: The Technicians - December 2022 - Over 90mins of Techno/Trance....

Length Mix: 01:43:27

Tracks: 25 + Intro (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 1.01 GB

File Type: .wav

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 1411kbps

Release Year: 2022

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