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The Yearmix Of 2019 Presented By Beuk In Je Kanus vs Monkey Kong

Today is Christmas, the day filled with tunes by Wham!, Mariah Carey, Nick & Simon, Armin van Buuren, Slade, etc. But why though? Why not let your Christmas be ruined by awful music, and why not have something raw and rough coming through your speakers during this festive time of the year? We all like to have a great time, so why not listen to Beuk In Je Kanus vs Monkey Kong's Yearmix of 2019? Enjoy this day, and embrace the Rawstyle sound. Let's have fun, and 'ave it!

I fully understand that my previous statement might offend people who love Christmas, so I do apologise. But you have to understand that in my household Christmas music is played since mid June each year, and the Skyradio app is constantly on. I'm getting annoyed now, and Chris Rea is still stuck on the motorway, finding his way home. Why not have a bit of Rawstyle instead?

I've reviewed a Monkey Kong mix before, but never a Beuk In Je Kanus mix. Don't know who's responsible for this 'name' and who's behind it, but I'm guessing it's someone who appreciates the raw sound coming from the Hardstyle scene. Together they've made this megamix. 60 records in 90 minutes. The finest records 2019 had to offer. The first 25 records mixed by BIJK and the next 35 by MK. So it will be a very interesting mix. Anyway, no matter how you approach this mix: it's still a full on Rawstyle megamix, so you won't be disappointed whatsoever.

Beuk In Je Kanus:

01. Sound Rush feat Michael Jo - Breakaway

02. B-Front & Adrenalize - Elektronic Symphony

03. B-Front & Rejecta - Angels In The Sky

04. Rebelion feat Mocha Martin - The Edge

05. E-Force & Kronos - Higher Force

06. Adaro & Kronos - Blackout

07. Code Black & Hard Driver - G.T.F.O.

08. Nightcraft - G.T.F.O.

09. Uncaged feat MC Alee - Together

10. Vertile - Stronger

11. Sub Sonik feat Carola - Brave

12. Kronos - Restart

13. Crystal Mad - F#CK OFF

14. Devin Wild & Rebelion feat LXCPR - High Score (EPIC 2019 Anthem)

15. D-Block & S-Te-Fan feat MC Villain - Sound Of Thunder (D-Sturb Remix)

16. D-Sturb & Warface - Take On The World

17. Artifact - Indicator (Indicator Anthem 2019)

18. E-Force & Rejecta - Kicked Out

19. Gunz For Hire - Blood Brothers

20. Rejecta - Chaos Complete (Shockerz 2019 Anthem)

21. D-Sturb - Until It's Gone (The Next Level Remix)

22. Crossfight - Mad AF

23. Act Of Rage & Killshot - Day For Night

24. Delete - Munky Shit VIP

25. Radical Redemption feat Tha Watcher - Spell Of Sin (Resurrection Mix)

Monkey Kong:

26. Rejecta - Hardness

27. D-Sturb & Warface - Hit The Ground

28. Frequencerz & Warface - Menace (D-Sturb The Next Level Remix)

29. Rebelion & Rejecta - Realness

30. E-Force & Frequencerz - Attention (D-Sturb The Next Level Remix)

31. E-Force - Necromancer

32. D-Sturb & Warface feat Carola - Synchornised

33. Adaro - Murder (Invector Remix)

34. Regain & Rooler - Bust Ya Head

35. Vertile - Eyes Closed

36. D-Sturb & Warface - The Remedy

37. D-Sturb - Apocalyptic Darkness (The Next Level Remix)

38. Warface - I Need You

39. Rooler - OneTwo

40. Bloodlust - Imma Boss

41. Warface - Breaking The Rules

42. Rebelion feat Tha Watcher - Fake Shit

43. Rebelion & Rooler - Drop This

44. NCrypta & Thyron - Surrender

45. Killshot - Who's The Boss (Bloodlust Remix)

46. D-Sturb & Warface - Imma OG

47. Krowdexx & Malice - Rawstars

48. Fraw - Combat

49. Bloodlust & Unresolved - One With The Streets

50. D-Sturb & Warface - Collective Paranoia

51. Fraw & Ncrypta - Omega

52. Bloodlust - Defqon.1 2019 Tool

53. Bloodlust - Pieces

54. Rooler - Extinguish (Riot Shift Remix)

55. Deadly Guns & Delete - In Control

56. E-Force - The Bad Guy

57. Angerfist - Solid Stigma

58. Deadly Guns & Ncrypta - Rip It Open

59. Deadly Guns - Get Dissed

60. Act Of Rage & Never Surrender - Kicks Van Staal

Bloody Nora, I've got RSI, but now that's even worst! What a long tracklist. But truth be told, the mix is nice and long too, so no worries: they haven't crammed in 60 records in 90 minutes. Oh God, they have! Bloody Nora, what a mix! A true Christmas blessing, a true megamix for all you Rawstyle fanatics out there. I wanted to use the word freak, but I do not want to offend anyone.

The mix is made up two mixes, as mentioned before, but there's no seam between both of them. It's a nicely blended mix. BIJK and MK have made this wonderful mix, showcasing what 2019 had in store for us. Reminding us that it's been one hell of a year, and if this trend continues, 2020 will be an even better year.

I do like the raw sound, and sometimes you just want to stomp your feet so hard, that blisters appear out of nowhere. But a melodic Rawstyle track is sometimes more my cup of tea. Basically the majority of D-Sturb's records are my thing, they are my jam. And by looking at the mix it also shows that it has been his year. My God, there's a lot of D-Sturb's stuff in here. Are BIJK and MK fans of D-Sturb too? Well, who wouldn't be?

It's time now for us all to open our presents that Father Christmas has brought to our lovely homes, and I'm not going to talk any more about this hour and a half long mix. Let's just embrace it, and listen to it today. Turn the volume up to 50, and be festive. Fuck the neighbours, who likes them anyway?

DJs: Beuk In Je Kanus vs Monkey Kong

Genre/Style: Rawstyle

Mix Info: The Yearmix of 2019

Length Mix: 01:30:40

Tracks: 60 (sixty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Beuk In Je Kanus - Soundcloud Page

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