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Thunderdome Live Presents Global Hardcore Nation (1997)

It's the year of our Lord, 1997, and a party happened, which caused a storm within the Hardcore community: Global Hardcore Nation. I remember reading about this event, in I assume the Thunder Magazine. And after the event, as usual, ID&T would release a disc or two, focussed on it. And how cool was it to hear what actually happened during this majestic night. This recording paved the way for me to go to Mysteryland the next year. I do believe that I purchased this album before I purchased Thunderdome '96 Live. This album holds a lot of good memories, and I do know each and every set on here. Like with most ID&T albums, I only need to look or think of an album cover, and I remember 90% of it. If you didn't know it by now: I was obsessed with this label during the 90s. It made my childhood even better!

The line-up for this event is an oldskool raver's wettest dream. I am going to name each act, and you have to promise me you do not get aroused by it! 3 Steps Ahead, Count Negative, Dr. Macabre, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Boris Valeo, Buzz Fuzz, Dana, Darrien Kelly, Gizmo, Marc Arcadipane, PCP, Rob & MC Joe, Rob Gee, Weirdo, Drokz, The Ultimate MC. How's that for a line-up?

The 2 disc compilation obviously didn't have full sets, only snippets of sets. And the tracklist itself is littered with errors. ID&T albums contained the most errors. I seriously don't know how that happened: they were the biggest label, and yet they fucked up on nearly each album they released. Who was in charge of composing the tracklists? Shame on the person....

Anyway, here's the tracklist. And underneath this review you will find two Soundcloud players: Magpie303 uploaded both sets there, for us all to enjoy!

CD 1:

DJ Rob & MC Joe

01. DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse - Exlxaxl

02. X-Factor - The Underground

03. DJ Paul & Teenage Warning - Brohymn (This One's For Gabbers)

Boris Valeo

01. Boris Valeo - USSR National Anthem

02. James Daltan meets DJ X-Ess - Bad Time

03. Placid K - Ride The Party (1st Mix)

04. The Hardcore Brothers - Can You Thrill Me?

05. The Bellini Bros - Samba De Janeiro

06. Juggernaut - Communisn

DJ Buzz Fuzz

01. The Controllers - I Wanna Rock You

02. Lenny Dee & The Hardcore Warriors - Funky Twisted

03. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (Buzz Fuzz Mix)

04. Buzz Fuzz - Jealousy (Is A M.F.)

DJ Gizmo

01. Scott Brown - Disciples Of Hardcore

02. DJ Gizmo - Shut 'M Down

03. Square Dimension - House Of Pain

Darrien Kelly feat The Ultimate MC

01. Hardsequencer - Braincrash

02. Darrien Kelly & The Stunned Guys - Main Motherfuckers

03. Nasty Django - Hardcore M.F. (Shit Psykosex Remix)

04. Darrien Kelly & The Stunned Guys - Our Definition Of Oldstyle

05. Darrien Kelly & The Stunned Guys - Party Rico

Lady Dana

01. Lady Dana - Intro

02. Klangwerk - Fireman

03. B.S.E - Adess Se Qui

04. DJ Attic & DJ Stylzz - Showing It To Ya

05. Mister DJ - Maximizer

06. Kabaal - Blow That Shit

07. Dyewhitness - Brrr

CD 2:

Live: Rob Gee

01. Rob Gee feat Mr. V - Evil Concerto In Gee Major

02. Rob Gee - E.C.S.T.A.S.Y.

03. Rob Gee, Bass D & King Matthew - Fight 4 Your Right 2 Party

04. Rob Gee - Ecstasy, You Got What I Need

Live: Marshall Masters feat The Ultimate MC

01. Inferno Brothers - Slaves To The Rave

02. Rave Creator - A New Mind (Cold Rush Phuturemix)

03. Marshall Masters feat Ultimate MC - I Like It Loud

Live: 3 Steps Ahead

01. 3 Steps Ahead - Good Time

02. 3 Steps Ahead - So Much Trouble

03. 3 Steps Ahead - I Just Love To Get Stoned

04. 3 Steps Ahead - Motherfuckers You're Gonna Die

Live: Rotterdam Terror Corps

01. Rotterdam Terror Corps - We're Gonna Blow Your Mind

Live: MC Drokz & Count Negative

01. MC Drokz & Count Negative - Intro

02. MC Drokz & Count Negative - Death Of A Zombie

03. MC Drokz & Count Negative - Lie & Die (The Song)

Bonus Live Recorded DJ Set: DJ Weirdo (Final Appearance)

01. Wasting Program - Step Right Up Folks (Step One Mix)

02. DJ Weirdo & Phil Omanski - Young Birds

03. DJ Mongoose - Rip Shit Up (DJ Isaac Remix)

04. Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone (Masters Of Ceremony Dope Mix)

This has tickled me yet again. It must have been at least 6 months since I last listened to this CD, and it still makes me feel something special inside. Not even a full year before I experienced the ID&T madness myself, and I still embrace it like it was yesterday. I cannot remember most of the sets I witnessed, but I certainly saw PCP live, and heard 3 Steps Ahead scream at the thousands of fans through his microphone. And saw Rob Gee too. So basically I witnessed most of the artists who played at Global Hardcore Nation, lol.

This event was just too damn perfect. I remember reading about it, and especially the second Global Hardcore Nation. That got panned due to the fightings and bad sound system. Well, it was the 90s, so everything and anything would happen.

The sets are just perfect. Some a bit better than the others. I really liked the first disc the most. The second one is good too, but does not compete with the first one. It still has wicked livesets on there, but it's a bit meh. The set that kind of ruined it for me, was Rob Gee, and even Marshall Masters' set. The MC was maybe a bit drunk? He cannot even remember his own lyrics! He's off constantly.

OK, now the hard part. Which record or set was the best? Well, from the second CD it was a no brainer: MC Drokz & Count Negative's set. Especially 'Lie & Die'. That song screams death and despair. So dark on many levels. It still makes me feel special. And Drokz's voice is just pinnacle to the Hardcore scene.

The first dics contains a few wicked sets. Boris Valeo's set is super cool, Rob's set is awesome to start the disc with, but it's Darrien Kelly's set that just blew me away. Underappreciated, if I'm honest. The track that demolishes my braincells in 2020 has to be 'Hardcore M.F.' by Nasty Django. Fuck me sideways, this is pure Hardcore.

A wicked CD, with ups and downs. And it had the so called 'last ever set' by DJ Weirdo. The last record of his set is a beast, and I remember seeing it somewhere on tape. It had the Critical Mass singer on it. A wicked record, but the set itself was a tad boring.

The recordings itself were not the best, but it captured the night. You had to be there to be blown away by the BPMs coming through the speakers. Thanks Magpie303 for uploading them onto Soundcloud. I really needed to hear these sets again, especially in my car (which doesn't have a CD player).

Artst: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Techno, Hard House

CD Info: Thunderdome Presents Global Hardcore Nation

Length CDs: +/+ 2 Hourse

Tracks: 47 (fourty-seven)

Label: Arcade International

Product Number: 9902340

More Information: --------

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