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Thunderdome Merry Christmas Oldschool Hardcore/Gabber X-Mas Megamix by Santa S full Album (2018)

It is nearly Christmas. In 10 days time, it will be boxing day, and we will all be stuffed from all the food we had the day before, but we still need to finish all the left overs. The radio will be on, Christmas tunes will be played over and over, and we all think about the rest of the world, and how people suffer, with all kinds of misery. Christmas is a nice festive holiday, but also a stark reminder of what the world is at the same time. Do they know it is Christmas? Those legendary words took over the world, and made us think of all the humans on this Earth. But, as it is 2022, should we maybe bring Christmas Hardcore music to the masses, and let the whole world rave for peace and freedom?

Would you support that? Wouldn't that be a great thing to do? Most of us like to have a party anyway, and we all get a bit tired of Band Aid. We need to rave our fears, problems, and other feelings away. Raving for a good cause is always a good thing, but I'm not sure that this mix, by Santa S, is the right kind of music. Maybe we need to revive the X-mas Hardcore genre, and make newer tracks, suitable for 2022/2023.

But, when it originally emerged out of the depths of the Hardcore scene, it never took off. And probably for good reasons. You think Happy Hardcore is cheesy? Wait until you hear this mix and the tracks used. Christmas music in itself is kind of cheesy, but put a Hardcore beat under it, and it becomes the most cheesiest music of all harder styles. Cringe, but funny at the same time. And only suitable around the festive period. Which, coincidentally, is currently is!

  1. Santa S - Intro: Aggravating Santa

  2. Cold Turkey - Rotterdam Is Alive (De Kerstman Is...)

  3. Carlos Mirilla - Escarola

  4. The Beatsquad - X-mas Breaks

  5. Gate 6 - The Snowman

  6. Cold Turkey - Final Christmas

  7. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - This Christmas (E. OVerdijk Remix)

  8. DJ Promo & Da Vinci - Last Christmas

  9. DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Silent Nights Are Over

  10. 3 Steps Ahead - It's X-Mas

  11. Stuffed Turkey - Season To Be Jolly

  12. Rospell - Wonderfull X-Mas

  13. The Jingle Brothers - Scary Christmas

  14. Bang Crosby - I'm Dreaming

  15. Gizmo - Ghost Of X-Mass Futrue

  16. The Silverbelly's - Santa Comes Tonight

  17. Daster & Dancer - A Happy X-Mas Day

  18. 3 Steps Ahead - X-Mas Bonfire

  19. Psylocke - Santa Claus Is Coming

  20. Silent Jesus - Oh Christmas Day

  21. DJ Sim - Christmas Collage

  22. Sensor - Rudolf The Rednose Ravedeer

  23. Waxweazle - War Is Over

  24. Gabba Claus & Rudolf Ravedeer - Merry Mutha F**kin X-Mas

  25. Moshe Dayhan - Riot In Badhlehem

  26. Santa S - Driving Home

  27. The Prophet - Sick Christmas

  28. Underground Dwarfs - True Mean Christmass (Freestyle Inc. with Santa S)

  29. Buzz Fuzz - And A Wappie New Year

  30. D-Boy Bad Boys - Jingle Bells (Hardcore Bells Mix)

You can't make it any cheesier. Just look at the artist names, or even the track title! How cheesy can it be? I love myself a bit of cheese, and I should be jolly throughout this festive time of the year, but even for me this is too cheesy. But funny at the same time.

So many of these songs have been buried under inches of snow, to only emerge when Santa is about to hand out presents. And that's good: you don't want to hear these atrocities being played throughout the year! My God, some of these tracks are in a different whelm. But again, it's all just jokes, isn't it? It is all a bit of fun and games. Just have a bit of fun: we already listen to extremely hard Hardcore throughout the rest of the year, why not end the year with something light-hearted?

The mix itself is OK. The tracks are OK too. But the sound quality differs throughout the set. At certain stages it becomes so bad, I thought my speakers were going to blow up. It could be the tracks themselves being bad, or just the recording quality dipping in and out.

A funny mix. One you only need to hear once, and then bury it back underneath the snow.

Best track? Gizmo's track. Wasn't it on the CD Rave The X-Mass?

DJ: Santa S

Genre/Style: Gabber, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore

Mix Info: Thunderdome Merry Christmas Oldschool Hardcore/Gabber X-Mas Megamix by Santa S

Length Mix: 00:59:22

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via YouTube): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate; unknown

Release Year: 2018

More Information: Thunderdome Till We Die - YouTube Channel

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