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Thunderdome XXVI (2019)

I've been lied to. And I really dislike that. And maybe you experienced the same? You might have encountered the same issue on YouTube, when you think you are going to listen to a specific album, and it's not what you expected. The next thing you are going to see is one of those disappointments. And it really grinds my gear when it happens.

Thunderdome is an institution, it's a way of life. We don't need to explain to the raving culture what it is, and what it means. We have all been hoping that the good ol' days would come back, and we could hear the music from the 90s and early 00s again. So when I spotted this 'new' and 'rare' album on YouTube I got happy. Only uploaded a couple of days ago, I thought that it might have been the real deal. But fuck me, that wasn't the case.

It looks persuasive enough. The cover looks really genuinely Thunderdome-ish. It's been lacking this kind of covers for many years. They are playing it safe over the last couple of years. So to see this new cover was really intriguing. But I looked closely. A concept design. Fan art, basically. And that's really done amazingly! Credits to the one who made the cover. But then you look at the tracklist, and it becomes a disappointment beyond belief!

Here, you have a look. Tell me what you thought of it the first time you looked at it!


01. The Stunned Guys & Darrien Kelly - Violet Skies

02. Neophyte - Fuck Martine (Stunned Guys Mix)

03. Art Of Fighters - Earthquake

04. Meccano Twins - Sinapse (Shadow Mix)

05. Korsakoff - Powerrave

06. DJ Dione - Infinity

07. Ophidian - Butterfly V.I.P.

08. Miro - The Shining

09. Rave Creator - Wake Up

10. Da Bulldozer Project - Bulldozer II

11. Mescalinum United - Live In Brixton

12. Paul Elstak & DJ D - You're A Hardcore Hooligan

13. DJ Paul, Attic & Stylz - Fuck You Up

14. Darrien Kelly & The Unknown MC - The People Want More (Marc Arcadipane Remix)

15. Tha Playah - Mastah Of Shock

16. Paratoxic - Introduction To The Paracore


01. Wasting Program - Final Solution

02. Impulse Factory - Your Wake Up Call

03. The Reactor & Raoul meets Impulse Factory - Rock My World

04. Dr. Z-Vago - The Lab

05. DJ Promo - X-Termination

06. Freez-E-Style - Slo Motion

07. Cypher - Marchin Into Madness

08. Mindtraveller - It's Getting Closer

09. Masters Of Ceremony - A Way Of Life (DJ Promo Remix)

10. Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - There Is No Other

11. Randy vs Lukas - FSSU

12. Producer - The True Creators

13. Anal Cunt - B*tch Nasse Schuh

14. Ad Absurdrum - Der Feind Mensch

15. Bold Bob - Bold Bass

I've not been more disappointed than hearing this CD on Youtube. What a massive cock up that was. To me it's kind of a click bait thing. Everyone who likes Hardcore would automatically click on the player, because it's Thunderdome. But if you inspect it closely, you see that it's not, and never will be. But because it has the name, people think it is. It's a fucking lie!

And it's not EVEN Thunderdome material!!! Yes, some records do resemble the Thunderdome sound, but the majority are Italian Hardcore records, or just waste of time. You know when you've got a MoH album or a Thunderdome album in your possession: it's that unique sound. And this seems to be only click bait. A fake. I'm really gutted. Really disappointed.

I'm waiting for that oldskool but new album from Thunderdome, but it hasn't arrived yet. And maybe this would have been the one. But it wasn't. This has pissed me off. The tracks are good, don't hear me say anything about that, but the way this is presented is just pure lying to the masses. Create your own concept, don't re-invent one. Be unique, and people will come if it's good. But this is just pure rip off. Jumping the band wagon of Thunderdome's success. I'm really disliking this 'album'.

Yes it's rare, because it's fake. Don't be duped. If you just want to hear Hardcore music, go ahead: there are good records on here, but if you were looking (like myself) for some Thunderdome, you will be deeply disappointed. Fuck this shit.

I'll give it the lowest score ever. Don't even bother to talk about the positives. This hurts my feelings. Just go to Thunderdome's official website for your Thunderdome fix. Not this rubbish.

Artist: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Terror

Album Info: 'Thunderdome XXVI'

Length Album: 02:19:12

Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)


Product Number: NO NUMBER

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1 comentario

Aurelien Cuvigny
Aurelien Cuvigny
02 abr 2020

au contraire cette album et trop bien ainsi que le 27.28.29et30 et oui il a pas fait que celui et un autre artiste a pris la suite reviver les ancien moment thunderdome de l' epoque

Me gusta
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