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Timewitch - Miniature Trails Of Light (2022)

Yesterday (or the day before) I received a message on Facebook from one of the regulars to this site, AoS, and he mentioned that he contributed to this new EP from Timewitch. As I'm still fairly new to Bandcamp, and some might call me a noob, I do miss out on a lot of music being uploaded onto this site. But thanks to AoS' message, I was made aware of this EP, and now I'm doing the same to you, the reader. If you like a bit of 'oldschool' Techno, you might actually appreciate this EP...

It all depends. Do you like the early Techno sound, from the early 80s? The underground and a tad spacious Techno? A very psychedelic approach to Techno, with spacy lyrics being repeated over and over. Minimalistic approach to Techno, and I kind of like it. It has a bit of Aphex Twin vibe around it, but also the early Techno pioneers sounds, but sadly my mind has gone blank now, and I can't mention any, besides Aphex.

So where does AoS come in play? Well, his input was a Freeform styled remix of 'Miniature Trails Of Light'. He wasn't the only one, but for me personally, anything Freeform gets my attention straight away. But to fully understand the track that was remixed by AoS, I had to listen to the full EP, and let the music sink in. See what it does to me, and how AoS' version fits in (or maybe doesn't?)..

  1. Timewitch - Miniature Trails Of Light

  2. Timewitch - Miniature Trails Of Light (Psychic Sarahs Remix)

  3. Timewitch - Miniature Trails Of Light (Lazy Couture Remix)

  4. Timewitch - Miniature Trails Of Light (AoS Remix)

  5. Timewitch - Miniature Trails Of Light (Creeping Man Remix)

  6. Timewitch - Miniature Trails Of Light (Divider Line Remix)

  7. Timewitch - Miniature Trails Of Light (Puzzleboy Remix)

I've listened to this EP a few times now, and it's given me mixed feelings. I'll explain to you in a minute what I mean....

Minute gone, and the reason why it gives me mixed feelings is because of the following: the original version by Timewitch is a nice track to listen to, and even AoS' version is great, but some versions I cannot seem to graps. I love Techno, and I love when it is minimalistic, but when it's too minimalistic, it just looses strength and potential. It's more 'background' music instead of listening music, if that makes any sense?

Like the 'Creeping Man' remix (credit for the name though). It doesn't get me moving. Same with the 'Divider Line' remix. That sounds more like a computer game soundtrack. Which isn't bad. But it's not really something I would listen to, outside of a game.

The original version is very cool. Unique, and very 80s sounding. Never heard of Timewitch before, but I'm liking this specific approach to Techno. You don't hear that very often, or maybe I'm not listening well. AoS' remix is ace. It's cool to hear Freeform slowly creeping up into the 'normal' dance scene, and it does get my appraisal. Even Psychic Sarahs remix is dope. Not sure about the others though.

Half and half. Love it, and find it a tad boring at the same time. Still, if certain versions would be played in the background or in a video game, I wouldn't turn it off, it would only enhance the experience. Maybe I'm not into that kind of music yet?

Artist: Timewitch

Remixer: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Techno, Minimalistic, Freeform, Trance

EP Info: Timewitch - Miniature Trails Of Light

Length EP: 00:37:24

Tracks: 7 (seven)

Download/Listen (via Bandcamp): CLICK HERE

File Size: 72.5 MB

File Type: .zip

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: various

More Information: Timewitch - Bandcamp Page

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