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Tommie Sunshine - #RaveRevival Mixtape Vol. 1 (2020)

Rave. If you are like me, you are obsessed with everything Rave related. Rave is life. Rave is everything, and I'm not even kidding. Raving was a brand new thing in the 90s, and now it's common, and shared by millions of people all over the globe. It is probably the biggest man made thing that got millions of people united, after religion. It is highly impressive that it's still alive, and kicking. But you need to differentiate the old and the new. They are two different worlds. But are they really different?

According to Tommie Sunshine they are not. Well, maybe a tad, but his latest mix focusses on new music with the oldskool sound. Oldskool Rave made for the present day raving community. How about that? The old sound is making a huge comeback, and no one told me? Whatever, let us focus on Tommie Sunshine's mix. It's big. 2 hours and 38 minutes of Rave music. Rave with a twist, I might call it from now on.

Tommie's mix contains new stuff with a twist, and I'm loving it. I'm obviously an oldskool lover, seeing as I review that kind of style on a weekly basis, but it's nice to see a younger generation embracing the old sound, and make it their own, without ruining it. And it's also nice to see the 'older' generation listening to it, and making excellent mixes full of those records.

Does that mean Rave is timeless? Yes. Created in the 90s, still going strong in the 20s. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is highly impressive.

Now let's focus on the tracklist. It's a long one, but so is this mix. The perfect mix to listen to on this dreadful Sunday. No need to leave the house: just sit indoors, and press play, with the volume way up. Chillax everyone.

01. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - Introducing Senator Bernie Sanders

02. Maxy Cozy - Banana Baya

03. Yolanda Be Cool & Dillon Nathaniel - Tell Me Why

04. Solardo & Eli Brown - ID

05. Josh Wink & Lil' Louis - How's Your Evening So Far? (Chris Lake Remix)

06. Skream - Ectogazm

07. Demarkus Lewis feat Martha Wash - Catch The Light (Acapella)

08. Stray Beast - Need You

09. Kettama - Memphis 29

10. Monki - Work It

11. Patrick Topping - Watch What Ya Doing

12. Felix Da Housecat & Dave The Hustler - IsssaPARTY

13. Kettama - Presiden.t

14. Falcon Black Ops - Five

15. Pleasure Cruiser - Found A Rave

16. Kettama - MAJIK

17. Orbital - Chime (Eli Brown Edit)

18. Raito - One Step Beyond

19. Raito - Summer Of Love (Rave Mix)

20. ADR - Gimme' A Break

21. Origin8a & Propa - Friction

22. Prospa - Control The Party (Denham Audio After Party Mix)

23. Wink - Sixth Sense (Shlomi Aber Hidden In The Dark Mix)

24. Josh Wink - Talking To You (Talkapella)

25. Hostage - Control

26. Love Regenerator - CP-1

27. Mella Dee - Music Controls You

28. ANNA & Miss Kittin - Forever Ravers

29. A*S*Y*S - The Acid

30. Raito - Energy

31. ROBPM - Checkmate

32. Fear-E - A New Day

33. Giacomo Renzi - Nervous

34. The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl (KinK Remix)

35. i_o - This Is Rave

36. MOGUAI - ACIIID (Kryder & Benny Benassi Remix)

37. i_o - Rave 444

38. Love Regenerator - The Power Of Love II

39. Love Regenerator - Hypnagogic (I Can't Wait)

40. Raito - Ecstasy

41. Kove - The Music

42. Flite - Joy

43. KinK feat Rachel Row - To Love You

44. Duke Dumont - Therapy

45. House Gospel Choir & Adelphi Music Factory - Salvation

46. Nathan Micay - Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain

I have to say that most of these artists are unknown to me. Like 95% of them. Which should not be the case. Why have I not invested more time in this, and done my research? I am a music lover, and a rave enthusiast! How have I missed this? I am so ashamed of myself, it's unbelievable. But it's enever too late to hallucinate, so let's delve straight into this mix.

It's packed with the oldskool vibe, from the first to the last second. Obviously made to fit the present day raving community, but the vibes I'm getting reminds me of raving back in the good ol' days. I was too young around the start of the 90s, but I made up for it a few years later.

This has been 2 1/2 hours of pure heaven. It's been years since I last reviewed a Tommie Sunshine mix, but this one really grabbed me from the first to the last second. I've enjoyed it so much, I immediately pressed play again. So many great anthems, and I have to give Tommie credit for making this mix so flawless, and for selecting all these monster anthems.

Best record? Well, A*S*Y*S's 'The Acid'. Pure nostalgic feelings. Fuck me sideways, what a beast of a track. This song paints a picture in my mind: it's like the 90s and the 20s had sexual intercourse, and what came out of it, was this record.

Tommie, thanks for making my Sunday better! Sadly I cannot download the mix, because I don't have Spotify, but if you do, you will have a wicked time, and can listen to this mix wherever you like!

DJ: Tommie Sunshine

Genre/Style: Rave, Dance, EDM

Mix Info: #RaveRevival Mixtape Volume 1

Length Mix: 02:37:57

Tracks: 46 (fourty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Tommie Sunshine - Soundcloud Page

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