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Tony Tribe - Wheel It Up Vol. 1 (2018)

The end of the year is emerging quickly, and why not end the year with an unusual mix? A kind of music I used to adore to the bone, but sadly grew out of it. Don't know why, but I do. 4x4 Bassline music, or just generally named Bassline, it used to be so extremely big. And the thousand mixtapes I downloaded, a testimony for my love and admiration for the sound. I don't even think that I have heard a Bassline mix in 2018. Or maybe I have, but forgotten all about it.

Anyway, someone reposted a mix by Tony Tribe. I got intrigued and wanted to hear more. And boy, I didn't feel disappointed after. No joke, I felt happy, because this kind of music takes me back to the golden days of Bassline. As I said I used to download all the mixtapes by DJs such as EJ, Beez, Balistik, 1QY & F@Z, Cripster, Murkz, Freddo, Reflex, Teefy and more. Don't know what happened to half of them. But Tony Tribe's mix fits nicely in this list. The way its mixed and the records he has selected. Wow. It will make you smile.

Let me show you the tracklist. If you are a 4x4 fan, you will feel a warm feeling on the inside. Don't resist it, let it happen to you.

01. Burgaboy - I Changed My Mind

02. Trakpot feat Kristi - Best Thing

03. Stats Man feat Rae Rae - Weak

04. Piddy Py - Deak Me All Night (Dark Like Wesley Snypez)

05. Subzero feat Sacha - Sweet Revenge

06. DJ Pantha - Badman Forward (Terror Dome Mix)

07. 24K - How You Like It

08. ADotR - Run Up The Dance VIP

09. Burgaboy feat Leon YT - How Would You Like It

10. Rebz - War VIP

11. Speedy - Fear Gonzales

12. Mr. Virgo - Hypnotic (USF Refix)

13. Burgaboy & Angie - Mortal Combat

14. 1QY & F@Z - Dr Pepper

15. Mr Figz - Headlock

16. Cheeksta - Baby (Caliber Remix)

A few of these anthems I'm familiar with. Especially with Burgaboy's songs. To me he was the ultimate. Bass Boy was dope too, and DJ Pantha. But he ruled the dancefloor. And before you start harassing me, I could use a different way of expressing myself, but I'm the whitest person on God's given Earth, and it wouldn't suit me.

Anyway, Tony's mix. Yeah, he used the classics. But also a few I've never heard of before. But that keeps it interesting. A few cross fading errors, but nothing too drastic.

Which is my favourite? Well, sorry to say, but it's 'How Would You Like It', by Burgaboy feat Leon YT. This is one of those records that float in your head for such a long time. The lyrics are so extremely catchy.

I loved the fact that Tony also used the jingles. That was a thing. Every mix from the golden years had jingles. Sometimes more jingles than actual records. Everyone talking through the records. I missed that a lot. It was sometimes a nuisance, but I liked it. Especially when you had an intro so damn long, it included everyone from the Bassline scene!

The last review of 2018. So let's go out in style!

DJ: Tony Tribe

Genre/Style: 4x4 Bassline

Mix Info: Wheel It Up Vol. 1

Length Mix: 00:26:24

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Tony Tribe - Soundcloud Page

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