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Tracksuits And Horns 3 (2023)

It is Tuesday, and we aren't a day closer to the weekend. The upcoming weekend looks so far away, and I've got so much stuff to do, I need an energy boost. One that will hit me so hard, it will hit me into next weekend! And I need something new, refreshing, and exciting. And yes, I am about to share with you a new mix by DJ Virus. Well, technically speaking it's a few months old, but you haven't heard it yet, so it's new. It's new, exciting, and very fresh. And it ticks all the boxes in regard to what I need right now: some slamming beats!

And if you haven't spotted it yet, it's a Hardcore/Gabber mix with all new tracks, and they all resemble the 90s sound we all love, miss, and adore! And it's by a new generation of artists, most of them I've heard of, but there's still a few new ones I'm finding. And it's extremely interesting to relive the 90s again in the 20s! They are doing some serious damage to dancefloors all over the world, and they should get more credit for their music, because it is dope as fuck!

I keep myself in the loop of all new 'oldskool sounding' Hardcore, and it's always refreshing to hear the songs coming up in a mix, and even though they are new, they still pack a punch, as hard as the tracks were back in the 90s. They have that nostalgia feeling, which I fully embrace. I need that new old feeling, if that makes any sense.

But what can you find in this mix? Well, these tracks:

  1. Ad - Roots

  2. Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Complete

  3. Wicked XXX - Always Peace (Wicked Triple Love Mix)

  4. Bloody Deamon & Ad - Bass Place (2022 Remix )

  5. Immutek - Feed Da Bass

  6. Kamikaze - Trip To Atami

  7. Ad - The Rave Blaster

  8. The First Gabber - Hardcore Power

  9. Slugnoid - Old Dream

  10. Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Slave Of Modern Empire

  11. Biodome & Brutal Force - Repercussions

  12. Wicked XXX - Stamina

  13. Painbringer, Ferra & Greensequence - Run To

  14. Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Kings

  15. Wicked XXX - Real Stuff

  16. Kamikaze vs Invader - Pump This Party

  17. Detachment 1 - Say You Out There

  18. The First Gabber - In Your Mind

  19. Wicked XXX - Soundwar

  20. The Twins Artcore - Deep Inside

  21. M Project & Kamikaze - Oldschool Vibe

  22. The X-Tern - The Underground

  23. Lysa & Italian Terrorist - Hero

  24. Detachment 1 - Drop Like You

  25. Ad - Oldschool Madness

The names (most of them) do sound familiar, but the music is new. Fresh. And very 90s. And I freaking LOVE it. It is amazing to see the passion of those producers, keeping the early sound alive and kicking, and they are doing a tremendous job.

But also credit to DJ Virus, for uploading yet another amazing mix. He made yet another interesting mix with a lot of slammers in here. The hour and 19 minutes do fly by, and you are going to enjoy each second of it. And there's a shit ton of excellent records to discover.

For me, this was a trip down memory lane. Those familiar chords, those familiar samples, those familiar piano sections... it's got everything you need and more.

When 'Drop Like You' kicks in, you can feel it. The nostalgia Happy Hardcore vibe. I'm sitting here, enjoying life, and then that song kicks in. Sweet Lord, it takes me back, and uplifts me. What a banging tune. Bit cheesy, but we love a bit of cheese, right?

It's yet another epic mix. Everything DJ Virus does, works. And this is another mix that is just there for me, at the right time. Exactly when I needed it. Thanks DJ Virus! Can't wait for more mixes!

DJ: Virus

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, New Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Tracksuits And Horns 3

Length Mix: 01:19:28

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 181 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2023


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