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Tribute To Armageddon Project By A-Vortex (2020)

It is Wednesday, and I had a day off. During today I needed something to get me going through the day, and this mix you are about to listen to gave me enough energy to keep me going. And if you are into Industrial Hardcore, the name Armageddon Project might give you goosebumps. If you aren't, why the freaking heck are you reading this? You must know them, this famous duo from Italy, bringing the fire wherever they go. Well, to be fair, I've never seen them live, so I can't judge, but on multiple social outlet pages people seem to have enjoyed their sets, so I'm guessing or a) they are lying or b) they really liked it.

If anyone knows what's the current status of this duo, that would be appreciated. I've checked, and couldn't find anything of interest recently posted. It's been rather quiet, and by looking at their agenda of past events, they don't perform that often. So it's a rarity to see Armageddon Project live, eh? It's a rarity that a lot of people look out for.

Since the early Millennium years I've been listening to Armageddon Project, and I think the one track that took me by surprise was 'Spawn Of Misanthropy'. When I heard that track for the first time many years ago, I knew that this was going to be something else. And many do agree that this specific song is fire.

Many agree also that they gave Industrial Hardcore a face. They gave their style a unique face, an approach not done by others. You can tell by just listening that it's an Armageddon Project song. They do stand out, and they bring the rawness wherever they go.

Over the years they have released a lot of wicked tracks, and introduced many people to Industrial Hardcore, including the DJ who made this mix (I think). A-Vortex made this mix a year ago, and it's roughly 70 minutes of Armageddon Project. 32 records. What else would you wish for?

  1. Armageddon Project feat Promo - Poisoned From Within

  2. Armageddon Project feat Promo - Revelations 12:7-9

  3. Armageddon Project - Floating In Acheron

  4. Armageddon Project - Of Dreams And Disillusions

  5. Armageddon Project - The Fifth Revelation

  6. Armageddon Project - Far Beyond The Triumphants

  7. Armageddon Project - Insecure Opponents

  8. Armageddon Project - Time To Disobey

  9. Armageddon Project feat Promo - Diamonds For The Pigs

  10. Armageddon Project - Godflesh

  11. Armageddon Project - Northern Whispers

  12. Armageddon Project - Spawn Of Misanthropy

  13. Armageddon Project - The Reverb Of A Promise

  14. Armageddon Project - Flight Of The Phoenix

  15. Armageddon Project - Beat Conductor

  16. Armageddon Project - Scorn Of A Dying Glare

  17. Armageddon Project - Church Of Pentagram (Mr. Madness Unofficial Remix)

  18. Armageddon Project - Ashes We Are

  19. Armageddon Project feat Promo - Righteous Infliction Of Retribution

  20. Armageddon Project - The Punishment Due

  21. Armageddon Project - Silent Rest Of The Undefeated

  22. Armageddon Project - No Hell No Dignity

  23. Armageddon Project feat Tommyknocker - Thy Kingdom Fall

  24. Armageddon Project - Like Serpents Tears

  25. Armageddon Project - Last Drop In Your Mouth

  26. Armageddon Project - Phase 2

  27. Armageddon Project - Time Bomb

  28. Armageddon Project - Icons Of Disorder

  29. Armageddon Project - K-Hole Unfold

  30. Armageddon Project - Witchcraft & Desire

  31. Armageddon Project - Thirteen Upon Mankind

  32. Armageddon Project - And Yet Did Dare

This is a very big tracklist, and it took me a while to bloody type. But in the end it's worth it, because you want to know what A-Vortex used in this 70+ minute appreciation mix.

Of course it's packed with epic Industrial Hardcore anthems, mainly made by Armageddon Project and a few friends (like Promo and Tommyknocker). But mainly these were made by Armageddon Project, and they have become timeless classics. The one thing I've noticed are the track titles. They all seem to be quite dark and edgy. They could literally be the titles of Harry Potter books. The darker side of HP. But in all seriousness, these are quite dark, and it's like AP is telling us a story, a hidden message?

I do love this mix, and I love the records selected. A-Vortex's dedication mix is a good one. With a few small errors, but nothing major. Worth checking out, and worth spending 70+ minutes listening to. It won't disappoint you. Well, it didn't disappoint me.

Of course I had to pick a favourite song, and it has to be 'Spawn Of Misanthropy'. Probably their biggest hit ever.

DJ: A-Vortex

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore

Mix Info: Tribute To Armageddon Project By A-Vortex

Length Mix: 01:13;17

Tracks: 32 (thirty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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