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Tunnel Of Terror II (1998)

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

So, Terror music. I know for sure that it's not everybody's cup of tea. That's for damn sure. And you might even have come to this website after seeing the hashtag I used and thought it was a terror incident related post. It's not anything to do with anything besides Terror music. So if you are disappointed, I do apologise. But maybe it's time for you to embrace other styles which are out here, including Gabber, Terror, Speedcore and more.

Back in 1998, Terror was thriving. It was extremely popular. It still is. But you know what I'm saying. It was a new sound, that quickly grabbed a new kind of following. Dedicated, even more than the already existing group of gabbers. Terrorheads. That's what they become. And those were absolutely mad about it. I remember the Tunnel of Terror tent at Mysteryland 1998 Outdoor, and it was literally as the name is: a tunnel, filled with stroboscopes, and Terror music coming towards you from every angle. The second you left the tent you heard the well known beep sound. And were probably in a shock state. But it was all good.

The music was popular, and there were many compilations out there. Terror even appeared on the legendary Thunderdome albums. But it was about time it got its own collection. And within 1 year they released two albums, Tunnel Of Terror volume 1 and 2, and then.... nothing. Don't know what happened. It just stopped. It was around this time when Hardcore went down the drain, so maybe they decided that this market was too damn niche, and didn't continue with it. Don't know. ID&T/Arcade, please fill us in. I am interested.

I am still the proud owner of the second instalment of this CD series. Never purchased part 1, but it's on Youtube nowadays anyway. So no worries, I can still get my 1998 Terror dosage via Youtube. But let me take you back to 1998, with the tracklist of these 2 CDs.

CD 1

  1. Drokz & Tails - Theme From The Tunnel

  2. 3 Da Hardway - Pull The Trigger (Temper Tantrum Mix)

  3. Suicyco Soul Squad - The Masters Of Pain

  4. Leathernecks - At War (Remix)

  5. The Destroyer - Rave Is My Church

  6. Eradicator - Us Against Us

  7. Geoff Da Chef - Enter Dimention

  8. Stickhead & Don Demon - Demonhead

  9. U.V.C & DJ Narotic - The Kings Are Back

  10. Stickhead - Get In Gear (Remix)

  11. Ruffian - Terror Kickin Of

  12. Creatures Of The Occult - Hell Is Our Home

  13. Dark Sessions - D.F.G.S. 8

  14. The Joker - Gla^ps

  15. Malebolgia - The Spawn

  16. Kotzaak Clan - Powerstation Kotzaak

  17. Dano - 120-9000

CD 2

  1. Mescalum United - Live In Brixton

  2. D.O.A. - Unleash The Brutality

  3. Drokz & Tails - I'm The New Man

  4. DJ Akira & DJ UNC - Forever Fucked

  5. Sonic Overkill - Enterhell

  6. Phycho-Out - Tri-Distortone

  7. DJ Freak vs Smarti - Amytriptoleyne

  8. Nukom - Nina

  9. Creatures Of The Occult feat Count Negative - A New Religion

  10. Kill Selective - We Like To Fuck

  11. Somatic Response - Macroshack

  12. Taciturne - Der Toten

  13. HHS Bros & DJ Cek - Pedal 242

  14. Phycho 9 - Psycho 9

  15. The Plague - Power Plug

  16. F.U.H.D. - I Learned To Believe

  17. DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse - Trashfucker

It brings a smile on my face seeing this tracklist. And it takes me back to the 90s. After I went to Mysteryland, I bought this CD, and it has been with me, all these years. I remember being in that tent, and it was magical. This CD takes me back to that specific moment.

The music is also very good. Not all records are Terror though, don't get confused by the title of the CD. But the Hardcore tracks do have a Terror kick to it, an underlying and hidden Terror feature. And it starts off with a wicked anthem, made by Drokz & Tailz. The perfect build up to an already extremely satisfying CD.

Obviously the majority of fans will call 'At War' as one of their favourite Terror tracks. But there's plenty on here I like. So I pick one from each CD. Seems fair, right?

CD 1 : 'Powerstation Kotzaak' by Kotzaak Clan. If you've not heard this one before, you must

CD 2: 'Der Toten' by Taciturne. Not really a full on Terror record, but still rocks cock!

Special mention to the fucking weirdest anthems on both CDs: '120-9000' by Dano, and 'Live In Brixton' by Mescalum United. Try to dance to that. Good luck. I tried to, and now my sneakers are dead, and so are my feet. Blisters galore.

A fantastic album. Diverse too. You can find Terror in its fullest on here. So slower Terror, and the hardest stuff out there. I have not found one single anthem on here I didn't like back in 1998, and in 2020. My favourite Terror album ever.

Does anyone know why they stopped after this one? Comment below!

Artist: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Terror, Speedcore

CD Info: Tunnel Of Terror II

Length CDs: 02:25:30

Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)

Label: Arcade International

Product Number: 9902359

More Information: ------

Just a small side note: the Youtube video has the tracks in a different order. Just to let you know.


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