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Final review of today before I'm heading out. And it might be one you would be interested in. Do you like UK Hardcore, and do you like the classic anthems? Well, I've got a mix for you to listen to. It's made by Sik Individual, or as his Soundcloud channel is called SIK INDIVIDUAL. The mix was uploaded three years ago, but I only recently discovered it, as it was reposted by someone. It already had some positive feedback from the listeners, so it's only right for me to have a look at this, and see if it's a) got the classics that I want to hear, and b) if it's any good.

The cover art looks different, you don't see that very often. It's quirky, and not sure what the one-eyed freak has got to do with UK Hardcore, but it's cool. It stands out, that's for sure. It makes you look, But it's the words that are in the title that got my attention. 'UK Hardcore The Classics'. That, to me, is more interesting. I want to see if they are truly the classics, as I am a sucker for some UK Hardcore anthems from the golden era.

Looking at the tracklist it does show promise. A lot of records from the big artists, and it's certainly a good selection by SIK INDIVIDUAL. Don't know why his name is in all CAPS, but again, it grabs your attention. His selection looks good, so let's see if you agree or disagree.

If you disagree, please leave this site and don't come back. Just a request. Oh shit, did I just spoil the tracklist before actually typing the bloody thing?

  1. Darren Styles - Flashlight

  2. Darren Styles vs Ultrabeat - Paradise & Dreams

  3. Re-Con vs Eye Opener - Open God's Eyes

  4. Stunt - I'll Be There (Squad-E Remix)

  5. Re-Con & Chris Unknown - Please Tell Me

  6. Darren Styles - Pacific Sun

  7. Hixxy & Re-Con - Power Of Love

  8. Lunin8 - Tetris

  9. Al Storm - Nightlife

  10. Billy Daniel Bunter, CLSM & Junior - Cry Your Tears (Al Storm Remix)

  11. Al Storm & Euphony - All I Wanna Do (Darren Styles Remix)

  12. System F - Cry (Squad-E Remix)

  13. Alex K - Long Long Way From Home (Squad-E Remix)

The selection is great, but I had to tweak the tracklist a bit, as it wasn't as full as it should have been. You'll see the difference from SIK INDIVIDUAL's page to this list above. I hope I got the names correct, please correct me if I'm wrong.

But besides the anomalies in the list, the actual songs selected are really great. These were the records I listened to during the period when I discovered UK Hardcore and started buying every single compilation on the market. All these artists paved the way for me to be a true UK Hardcore fan.

It was tricky to pick a favourite, and I could not select one. I picked two amazing records: ''All I Wanna Do'' and 'Paradise & Dreams''. They are both equally amazing to hear, many years after their initial release. They still have the power to demolish speakers, and cause havoc on the dancefloor. Play these two, and crowds will loose their freaking minds!

The only record I don't find a classic, is 'Tetris'. It's an OK song, but this would never be in my top 100 (or even top 1000). I don't consider it a classic, sorry. There are other songs out there that are better than that track. Sorry.

A nice mix though. Recording is a bit meh, but you can still hear the songs well. And that's all you could ask for.


Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore


Length Mix: 00:53:06

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2021

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