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Ultimate GARY D Showcase (2002-2005) (04.06.2022)

It is Sunday, time to relax. And we'll start with a nice mix. A mix commemorating Gary D, who sadly passed away back in 2016. For a strange reason I never purchased any Gary D compilation, and he's released many over his lifespan. A very influential figure in the German Dance scene, he started back in 1980 DJing, and during his career (which lasted until his unfortunate death), he kept pushing Trance and Hardstyle music. He's done so much more, but to describe him is quite difficult. He's done so much, and has achieved so much. A well respected and sorely missed artist. And Audioholik's mix commemorate his music released between 2002 and 2005.

I did like the music that he made, but I never purchased one of his CDs. Maybe I was too afraid to start spending a lot of money, as he's released quite a lot of those CDs. Just check out his Discogs and you will realise just exactly how many he did release. That would have cost me a fortune. But that would be the only reason, I do not see another reason being the root cause of me not being the albums.

Gary D's mix appeared on many other compilations, and to me especially the early Hardstyle stuff got to me. He seemed to have capture the early sound extremely well, and took Hardstyle back in the early 2000s up to the next level, alongside other producers. But he's certainly a name many will remember, and sadly miss. And to go back to the glorious early years of Hardstyle and to hear what Gary D had to say, let's listen to Audioholik's mix and see if it does tickle you as much as it has tickled me.

  1. Bazztard - Welcome 2 Hell (Gary D Hard As Hell Mix)

  2. Children Of E - Crack It (Gary D Remix)

  3. Techno Citizens - Timeslot (Gary D Hard Beatz Remix)

  4. Gary D feat Ruffian - Raise Your Hands (Gary D Hardstyle Mix)

  5. M.D.T. vs Daywalker - Destroy! (Gary D vs Daywalker Mix)

  6. Hardnation - Humanoid (Gary D Club Mix)

  7. Sam Punk - Whores (Gary D's Bloody Saturday Night Club Mix)

  8. Daywalker - Rhythmatic (Gary D Bass-X Mix)

  9. H.A.Z.A.R.D. - Da Nu Style (H.A.Z.A.R.D. Hardstyle Mix)

  10. LJ Style - Black Arrows 2004 (Gary D Hard Bass Mix)

  11. Zemtec - Bring Me Ur Silence (Gary D Remix)

  12. Shoko - Hardclub Master (Gary D's Hardstyle Mix)

  13. Wallstadt & Dorfler - The Art Of Destruction (Gary D Remix)

  14. Gary D - Four Iz The Number (Gary D Original Mix)

  15. H.A.Z.A.R.D. - James Brown Is Dead (Gary D Deadly Hard Bass Remix)

  16. Ultraphaze - Here Comez The Bass (Gary D Hardstyle Mix)

  17. Bazztard - Diz You Right Now (Gary D Hard Bazz Club Mix)

A very good looking tracklist. And also a testimony, highlighting how great Gary D was. Not only in producing his own records, but also doing remixes. This hour and a half mix by Audioholik is just a snippet of what he made during his musical career, and it's only a short list, but still impressive. If you were around when Hardstyle was still in its infancy, then you must have experienced a few Gary D anthems here and there.

All respect should go to Gary D and the legacy he leaves behind. The tracks are all solid as a rock, and still listened to, 20+/- years later. You cannot listen to an Early Hardstyle set without having at least one Gary D track. But if one track wasn't enough, Audioholik's mix contains 17. 17 amazing Hardstyle anthems. And they capture the reverb bass sound from the early 2000s extremely well. Gosh, I miss this sound a lot.

No more mucking about. Let's just enjoy this mix, and enjoy what Gary D has done for us all, and what he left us with. Awesome Hardstyle anthems. Yes, not just Hardstyle anthems, he's done so much more, but let's make today a Hardstyle Sunday, and commemorate what Gary D has done. An amazing and timeless job! RIP Gary D.

DJ: Audioholik

Genre/Style: Early Hardstyle, Reverse Bass

Mix Info: Ultimate GARY D Showcase (2002-2005) (04.06.2022)

Length Mix: 01:28:33

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 204 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 320kbps

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