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Underground Rotterdam House Tape' 3 (1993)

Today I'm on a roll. Earlier on I was listening to some nice Trance music, which took me to another level, but now I'm listening to some lovely early Hardcore/House/Techno, from around 1993, taken from a mixtape. Yes, the actual tape. Tapes were a thing back in the 90s: for all you kids, you don't know the struggle we had with those damned things. The amount of pencils that we bought, just to rewind those bloody things... and the amount of tape we put on the corners of the pre-recorded tapes. It was a nuisance, but at that time the only thing we had. And we cherished it.

I've not heard of these mixtapes before. Maybe because I'm not from Rotterdam (from Limburg, miles away from Rotjeknor). Or maybe because I was too young to actually get these tapes. There's a nice history behind these tapes, and if you are bothered, you can read it here (link will take you to Discogs). It will give you an idea on what the DJs had to do back then, to get the music to the masses. And the fact that bouncer weren't only there to protect you, but also to sell these tapes. God, those days. I wasn't old enough to go to the clubs, I was only 10 years old. But Hardcore music had already grabbed my attention (see my House Party 8 CD review).

The tape is as oldskool as you can expect it to be. It's got everything you need: House, Techno, Gabber, Hardcore, and of course a bit of Breakbeat too! And that's exactly the reason why this mixtape stuck to me. You'll find it out soon.

Thanks to our friend magpie303 for yet another wicked mixtape. His page is truly astonishing!

  1. Zolex - Time Modulator (Il Vero Mix)

  2. The Prodigy - Full Throttle

  3. Unknown Artist - Unknown

  4. Bounty Killaz - Brighter Future

  5. DJ Solo - Axis

  6. House Pimps - Get The Hook (Ilsa Gold Remix)

  7. 2 Uninterested (Tekno Mafia) - I Don't Care (Industrial Strength Mix)

  8. DJ Bountyhunter - Demilitarized Zone

  9. Genetic Waste - Genetic Waste

  10. Lenny Dee - Alpha 1

  11. Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One

  12. Hardsequencer - Braincrash

  13. Ilsa Gold - Elastico

  14. Ilsa Gold - Silke (Space Cube Mix)

  15. Bass Generator - The Event (Who Gives A Fuck About Stupid Mix Names Anyway? Mix)

  16. Holy Noise - The Nightmare Continues

  17. DJ Bountyhunter - Woops

  18. Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - Bitch (Original Mix)

  19. Unknown Artist - Unknown

  20. Juggernaut - XTC Motherf...

  21. Reanimator - This Is Not A Fairy- Tale

  22. The Ambush - Ambush 2

Seriously impressive mixtape! And the tracklist is a thing of beauty! I've got my headset on right now, and the volume is up to the max. I cannot listen to this mix with the volume low, thats like blasphemy. This was meant to be heard with the volume way up high, so that's what I'm doing right now.

Whoever was behind this mixtape, is a genius. I'm really loving each and every record on here. Really impressed with the selection of anthems I love the diversity of this mixtape too! You can literally find everything in here.

At certain points the mixing isn't beautiful, but that could be because it was mixed with 'basic' equipment, or the recording wasn't great, or the tape, it could be knackered. Wouldn't you be knackered if you were about 26/27 years old? Tapes weren't made to last forever. But you can still feel the music, and the good vibes happening back in 1993, in the club scene in the Benelux.

I'm seriously in love with multiple records on here. Like 'Genetic Waste', 'Unknown' (track 19). 'Demilitarized Zone', but the best has to be this rather peculiar version of the Prodigy's 'Full Throttle'. Slightly different than the original version I'm aware of. Maybe the vinyl version from 1993 was different?

A wicked mixtape. This has put my mind into overdrive, and I'm all hyped up right now. Sadly I need my rest, which probably won't happen for the next 7 hours......

DJ: Unknown

Genre/Style: House, Hardcore, Gabber, Techno, Breakbeat

Mixtape Info: Underground Rotterdam House Tape' 3

Length Mixtape: 00:59:13

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Mono/Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: magpie303 - Soundcloud Page

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