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UOK @ The Qontinent 13/08/2022

I love quirky, and you all know it. If it's something that I could be interested in, I'll listen to it, and if I've got time to write something about it, a review will follow. Over the years I've seen and heard the weirdest shit, but yesterday something appeared on my Soundcloud timeline, something I wasn't ready for, And as said, I do love a bit of weird shit. But a unicorn on ketamine, that's some next level shit. And I can't even describe what it is, I was listening to. It makes no sense, whatsoever...

UOK, also known as Unicorn On Ketamine, played at The Qontinent back in 2022. and it played in Area 5, the Uptempo Hardcore area. It's amazing to be asked to play at such an event, especially when you are a horse thing creature. Isn't a unicorn basically a horse with a big stick on its head? Put that creature on ketamine (''Ketamine is for horses, you dumb MF'' - remember that saying?), and you've got something so weird, it's even weird for me.

You know I love my weird stuff. I've reviewed many GPF sets over the years, and initially I thought this was a side-project of GPF, but it's not. This is something different, but it resembles the GPF boys a lot. A mask? Check. Piep kicks? Check. Distorted kicks? Check. Fucked up songs? Check. And it gives us an hour of UOK at The Qontinent, which is probably one of the weirdest hours of your life, and once you press play, you won't be able to get that hour back!

And it's a weird hour. I've never heard of Unicorn On Ketamine before, but the name now is embedded in my head, for being unique. The set itself is as fucked up as you imagined it to be, but it's had so much love on Soundcloud, can't even see the end of the comment section!

  1. UOK - 2021 Intro

  2. UOK - Nor For Me

  3. UOK - So Say Goodbye

  4. UOK feat Andy The Core - Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme

  5. UOK - Hangover (Ketamine Edit)

  6. ID - ID

  7. UOK - From The Stars

  8. UOK - Oh My Horse

  9. UOK - Trance

  10. UOK - Love Me Again (Rekick)

  11. Rebelion feat eDUB & MGK - Reverse Rehab

  12. UOK - Tarzan

  13. UOK - Wake Up Edit

  14. UOK - 6kINE

  15. UOK - KALINKA (a.k.a. Ruso)

  16. UOK - Hardwell

  17. UOK - K In My Mind

  18. UOK - Sefa

  19. UOK - Gangrena

  20. UOK - Suavemente

  21. UOK x NSD - Tony El Gitano


  23. UOK - Orishas

  24. UOK - Chicle

  25. UOK - Wonderful World

This is weird as fuck. Seriously fucked up. I cannot describe how weird this is, and what it does to me. In a way it's quirky and funny, and on the other hand it's quirky and too damn silly. It sounds like a hit and miss every so often, but it wouldn't get me off the dancefloor. It can be very intoxicating at the same time, which is good.

Truth be told, it does bring some happiness onto the dancefloor, as it is something you don't hear that often, and the sight of someone with a unicorn mask on, that's another thing you don't see that often.

Am I wrong in comparing UOK to GPF? It seems that UOK has 'borrowed' a lot of GPF-isms, and made them his own. Both are fucked up, but highly enjoyable, if you open your ears, and let it sink in. Is it perfect? Oh, hell no. There are some songs in here which aren't my cup of tea, but some are genuinely good, and actually very enjoyable!

The songs have a bit of both in them. Some songs sound so stupid, you wonder if it's an actual song or just UOK having some banter one day, and releasing the song, and some sound like he put a lot of effort in it, and they actually sound decent enough.

UOK 'So Say Goodbye' is a good example. I really like that song, it's different, but fits me well.

Would I specifically go to an event and see UOK? Not yet. It is growing on me. Still a long way to go though, but GPF took me a while to get used to. Still worth a follow though.

DJ: UOK a.k.a. Unicorn On Ketamine

Genre/Style: Uptempo Hardcore, Piepcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ The Qontinent 2022

Length Liveset: 01:00:27

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 138 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2022

More Information: UOK - Soundcloud Channel

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