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Vertile's Dimension LIVE : Reverze 2021

Last year an event took place called Reverze, Wake Of The Warrior. Ever heard of Reverze? Of course you have. A big event in Antwerp, Belgium, and it had many big names on the flyer. And when I say big names, I certainly do mean it: Mark with a K, Sound Rush, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Da Tweekaz, Ran-D, Sub Zero Project, Dr. Peacock, Audiotricz, B-Front, Devin Wild, N-Vitral, Partyraiser, and of course the person, the reason why I'm writing this review: Vertile. He took his Dimension LIVE set to Belgium, and did not disappoint. The crowd were absolutely loving it, and you can do to, if you've got the YouTube app installed on your device (but who hasn't, to be fair?)..

Vertile's Dimension LIVE is an institution. If my facts are correct, this seems to have started during lockdown, and is slowly growing in size. First done without an audience, but now life is back to normal, the crowds are growing, and in this video you can see the crowd loosing themselves, and fully intoxicated on Vertile's music. I wouldn't disagree: if I were to see him live, I would loose my shit too! Such an upcoming act. One to keep an eye out for!

A power house, that's what he certainly is. And he all does things himself. Videoing? Check. Editing? Check. And even bits that were missing for the videoing of the night, he asked the crowd to deliver him all of the videos they had, and they did! Everything done by this man is sublime. He knows exactly what is needed to bring the brand to the masses, and how he does it is amazing. The crowd at Reverze really loved his set, and you can see thousands of fanatics dancing until their feet started to bleed. And even Vertile is having a blast behind the decks, with his records blasting through the speaker system, and a few tweaks made to each of them.

Only 30 minutes long, but 30 minutes is enough for Vertile to get you to embrace his name and what he's capable of. But what did he play for the fans? Well, these songs:

  1. Vertile - Vertile's Dimension INTRO

  2. Vertile - Change This Place

  3. Vertile - Together We Grow

  4. Vertile - On My Own

  5. Rebelion - Echoes (Vertile Remix)

  6. Vertile - Stronger (Kick Edit)

  7. D-Sturb feat Alee - Party At My Place (Vertile Remix)

  8. Vertile - Through My Brain (2021 Edit)

  9. Endymion & The Viper feat Feral Is Kinky - Raging In The Dancehall (Vertile Remix/Defqon.1 Edit)

  10. Vertile - Ain't Nobodi (Kick Edit)

  11. Vertile - The New Normal (Edit)

  12. Adaro & Vertile - Walk With Me (Edit)

  13. Vertile - Eyes Open

  14. Vertile - Not My Affection (Intro Edit)

  15. Vertile - Not My Affection (Kick Edit)

If you don't feel anything throughout this set, you are or a) not into Hardstyle/Rawstyle, or you are b) not human. This man has been doing his utmost in selling the brand 'Vertile', and he's doing it extremely well. And not just the brand, but the music is great. Next level shit this is, and I mean it. It's like the music speaks to me directly.

It doesn't matter which set I listen to, every single comment underneath it praises Vertile for what he's doing and what he has done already. This man will slowly take over the scene, and it's for the best. We need more Vertile. We need it daily. trust me.

I am really in awe with Vertile. I'm been sitting here, WFH, and fisting the air, and stomping my feet, and bouncing my fat disgusting body up and down on my office chair. People walking passed my house might be thinking I'm insane, but I couldn't care less. The music speaks, and it speaks to me directly. Vertile's music appeals to me a lot. Melodic when needed, and rough when required.

A wonderful set, and one of many. Be prepared Vertile, you will become the most booked Rawstyle DJ in the world. With sets like this one, you will certainly get a wider audience to fall in love with your music.

Best record? All of them! And I'm not the only one. Every single person in the crowd is loving it!!!

DJ: Vertile

Genre/Style: Rawstyle, Hardstyle

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Reverze 2021

Length Liveset: 00:30:37

Tracks: 14 (fourteen) + Intro

Download/Listen (via YouTube): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Vertile - YouTube Channel

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