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Vinyl Destination Pres. Marco V (2023)

Marco V. Also known as Marco Verkuylen. This legendary Dutch DJ and producer has been one of my favourite producers of all time. Especially when his singles were released on ID&Ts label, that's when I started following his music. And when I heard his DJ mix for Innercity 2001 and actually witnessed him perform at this mighty event, I fell in love with his music. But he's been in my life way before the Millennium hit us, unbeknownst to me. During the Happy Hardcore years, there was one track that just made me feel so happy and energetic, and it was made by T-Marc & Vincent, and only recently did I discover that behind the name T-Marc, is the legendary DJ Marco V!

What track am I referring to? Well, it's 'One Two'. Still a very awesome Happy Hardcore track, but slightly underrated in my honest opinion. But the happier side to Marco's producing life would give him some recognition, but it's when he started dabbling in the Trance scene that he started to get his name and his music out there. He was already a resident DJ at the Danssalon in Eindhoven, but when he released 'In Charge'... that's when everything changed! He was an anthem machine, making hit after hit. And his music got the dancefloors all over the world in ecstasy.

I've been in awe with Marco's Millennium works. His music was so freaking ace, it kept me dancing for hours on end, or even days! And the mix you are about to listen to, contains 26 of Marco's tracks. Originals, or remixes made by him. And yes, Out Of Grace is in there too, which has been in my top 10 like forever. Never knew that this was one of his aliases too.

It is 2 1/2 hours of pure pleasure. Hit after hit. The man is a certified hero! His anthems have shaped a generation, and gave us never ending energy! Still to this day do these songs rock, and they rock hard!

  1. Mo'Hawk - Source Of Contention

  2. Marco V - In Charge

  3. Marco V - Solarize

  4. Marco V - Echoes (V.Ision Mix)

  5. The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Marco V Remix)

  6. Marco V - Simulated

  7. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Marco V Remix)

  8. Marco V - Atlanta 02.02.2002

  9. Marco V - Savage

  10. Marco V - Recovered

  11. Mo'Hawk - Previous Years

  12. Marco V - Tolerance

  13. Marco V - My Acid Pacemaker

  14. Cygnus X - Positron (Marco V Remix)

  15. Marco V - Certainly

  16. Marco V - Mila

  17. Marco V - Magnitude

  18. Marco V - Godd

  19. Marco V - C:Del/*mp3

  20. Marco V - Rise

  21. Marco V - Indicator

  22. Marco V - Revol!

  23. Marco V - The Mutalisk

  24. Out Of Grace - Obscura (Delivery 1)

  25. Mo'Hawk - Atlantic Stress

  26. Southside Spinners - Luvstruck

This is Heaven! This is pure Heaven. So many great anthems in here. You could tell that Marco V dominated the Millennium years. And his tracks have become timeless classics, still played and still appreciated by both DJs and ravers.

The DJ behind this mix is Lewis Mann, and his mix is 2 1/2 hours long, and filled with Marco V anthems, as you can see. And he lets each song play out as long as possible. No radio edits, no short edits, just full/extended versions of each record. And that's the only way you can appreciate excellent music by Marco V.

I grew up, listening to Marco V, and I've seen him perform too. He dominated the charts throughout the 2000nd, and I still adore his music. 'In Charge' was my first introduction, I assume. But as great as the track might be, it's 'Recovered' that still blows my mind away, even to this day. So many layers, so many levels... this is a track that deserves to be on everyone's favourite anthems list. It's beautiful!

A solid mix, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. No negative feedback, just Trance Heaven. Marco V was, and still is a legend. And his music speaks for a generation that raved throughout the Millennium years!

DJ: Lewis Mann

Genre/Style: Trance, Tech Trance

Mix Info: Vinyl Destination Pres. Marco V

Length Mix: 02:23:41

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 328 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2023

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