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Welcome To 2019 Mixed By DJ Aeon

There used to be a time when Soundcloud was giving me Freeform mixes on a daily routine, but sadly that has changed. For some reason Freeform has gone a bit more underground, and it might be something you wouldn't expect it to be, but is that something to dislike? Not really. Freeform has always been this subculture and has managed to stay afloat since its creation. And if I'm honest, I do like it the way it is. Not being ruined by other styles, or run by mediocre idiots trying to get money out of it. The scene remains this powerful, because we all have one thing in common: our love for the music. And that's important!

So whenever a Freeform mix is uploaded, I jump right onto it. As I said before, it sadly doesn't happen on a daily basis anymore, but still, if you look close enough, you do find interesting mixes, like the one I've got for you right now! DJ Aeon's 2018/2019 mix. The man behind Future_Proof Sounds, he decided to make a mix with the finest records from 2018 and 2019, and also include a few exclusive records not available yet. So this is our version of porn: teasing people with exclusive music. Damn you Aeon. I want to get these records now.

Let me show you the tracklist. You can find the 'full' tracklist on Soundcloud (with labels and which albums they have appeared on).

01. DJ Dummy - Parallel Universe

02. Greg Peaks - Exist To Be Broken

03. Substanced - Blue Remembered Earth

04. Hedonistik Ritual - Destination

05. Transcend - Reality

06. Hedonistik Ritual - Free The World

07. Substanced - Heart Of Time (Kounta Kulture Remix)

08. Hedonistik Ritual - The Exorcism

09. OA - The Collapse (Transcend Remix)

10. Greg Peaks - States Of Consciousness

11. Alchemiist - Cybernetics

12. Kokomochi - Sibyl

13. Transcend & Cyrax - Chemist

It's nice to wake up on a Sunday morning and you hear this mix coming through your speakers right into your ears. So relaxing, so awesome, so cool. Name me another style that can send you into such a relaxing mood (obviously a style linked to UK Hardcore). If you name 'House' music, you are right, but that's not the point...

Anyway, DJ Aeon's mix. It contains records released on the biggest Freeform labels such as Energy Field, FINRG, Stamina Records, Tesla Tracks, and of course Aeon's own label, FutureProof Sounds. So you know instantly that these records are 'boss' records. These labels do not release any shite records, only quality. And that said, which one of the 13 records is my favourite?

Come on, there's only one simple answer to that question: 'Chemist'. This fucked up Freeform record just blows your mind. It's got Transcend (and that other dude Cyrax), and some distorted vocals that just scare me. Haunting me in my sleep. I seriously woke up with those vocals in my head, I could even hear the distorted section.

2018 was a great year for Freeform, and 2019 will be yet another amazing year. I do hope to find more Freeform mixes, I do need more of these mixes in my life. DJ Aeon's mix is really a good one, to set the bar. More, please!

DJ: Aeon

Genre/Style: Freeform

Mix Info: Welcome To 2019 Mixed By DJ Aeon

Length Mix: 01:06:15

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 668 MB

File Type: .wav

Bitspeed: 1411kbps

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