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3 Steps Ahead ‎– Most Wanted & Mad (1997)

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

3 Steps Ahead. 16 years ago he passed away. He was taken from us, this horrible disease had shortened his life, which is devastating. Especially for his family. But his legacy remains alive to this day. Still a huge influence for many upcoming acts, his presence is still felt amongst those true ravers. And those who were lucky enough to be raving when Peter Paul Pigmans performed will still talk about it with a lot of pride and honour. It was a unique sight for the raving community. He gave Hardcore another meaning. A deeper and more spiritual meaning.

He came into the scene, conquered, and destroyed speakers. He was so unique, some even predicted he came from the future. Judging his music and the way he composed it, it does sound like it. He was way ahead of his time. I had the pleasure to only see him once, and that was at Mysteryland 1998 Outdoor in Bussloo. I have been a fan since I first laid my eyes on his 'Junkie 4 Life' album. Or maybe before, I can't exactly remember. But he was an inspiration for me. His music touched me. It was so damn good, and it made me rave even harder than before.

3 Steps Ahead's influence is beyond that of an ordinary producer. They even did a section especially for him at a recent Thunderdome, celebrating his legacy. That's how he will live forever: the music is so damn powerful. And yet, even though I'm a fan, I never purchased his best album, 'Most Wanted & Mad', released back in 1997. But thankfully someone uploaded it onto YouTube, and I can appreciate the early tunes, the ones that we all love, and still enjoy.

He was a unique character, this album will prove my point. He was way ahead of his time, and I think 3 Steps Ahead was a time traveller. Certain sections of this album do not make any sense, and yet it does to him. One of the quirkiest producers/live acts ever to come out of the Hardcore scene. We do miss him.

01. 3 Steps Ahead - Welcome To Planet Steps

02. 3 Steps Ahead - Gabbers Unite

03. 3 Steps Ahead - Crazy

04. 3 Steps Ahead - Interview With Channel 4

05. 3 Steps Ahead - It's Delicious

06. 3 Steps Ahead - Money In My Pocket

07. 3 Steps Ahead - Trouble

08. 3 Steps Ahead - My Mind Is Gone

09. 3 Steps Ahead - Hakkuh (Loud Mix)

10. 3 Steps Ahead - Put Your Hands Up

11. 3 Steps Ahead - Gangster (Feel So Good)

12. 3 Steps Ahead - Most Wanted & Mad

13. 3 Steps Ahead - I'm Gabber

14. 3 Steps Ahead - Cyberspace, Is Where I Live

15. 3 Steps Ahead - In The Name Of Love

16. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It (Live Thunderdome '96)

17. 3 Steps Ahead - Thunderscream (Thunder Anthem)

18. 3 Steps Ahead - What's This (Found On Tape)

19. 3 Steps Ahead - The Sexy-Bass Mix

This is one of those albums you need to listen to before you die. It's so damn good, and the legacy that surrounds it remains forever. These records have appeared on many compilations, mainly the Thunderdome collection. And if you can find someone who doesn't like these records, please report them to the police, because they are clearly dangerous and insane.

Quirky? Yes. Just check out tracks 4, 12, 14 and 18. Does that even make sense? In PPP's world it did, but for us normal human beings it doesn't. Seriously, it doesn't. Try and figure out the meanings behind these 'records', it will make you think it's all linked to the Illuminati. Was he even human, or a God? Enough reasons to start conspiracy theories about his presence within the Hardcore scene. Whatever he might have been, he was sent to us with a reason: to make us all dance til we drop.

There are so many wicked records. It's hard to distinguish one from the rest of the pack, but the one that makes me feel that it's the most 3 Steps Ahead record out there has to be 'Gangster (Feel So Good)'. Was it Thunderdome 96 where he played it live? I can dream his whole set. I've played it over and over, time and time again. This is 3 Steps Ahead at his best. Yes, 'Drop It' is his most commercially successful record ever, but 'Gangster' is much better.

Those quirky sections I do not understand. Maybe when I'm older I might, but besides these weird records the album is a huge inspirational album.

It can only receive 5 out of 5 stars. Let's commemorate the legend that is Peter Paul Pigmans, and rave until we can't any longer. That was the reason he joined the community, that was his goal. To get us all raving. And he certainly made us do that. RIP 3 Steps Ahead!

DJ: 3 Steps Ahead

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore

CD Info: 3 Steps Ahead - Most Wanted & Mad

CDs: 1 (one)

Length CD: 01:17:59

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Label: ID&T

Product Number: 007750

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